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Are you looking for a watch to motivate you to be more active, track your calories, or even log your sleep patterns? Then you’ll be surprised by the Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband. Keep reading to see what I think about it.

Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband Review

Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband Review

Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband Review

This week I tested out the Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband, an activity tracker you wear around your wrist, just like a watch. It tracks all of your daily steps, has a heart rate monitor, and a blood pressure monitor. You can use the band with or without your phone, but I think using it together with your phone completes it.

When I received the Smart Fitness Talkband, I was super excited. Those that know me know that I love tracking my steps and being outdoors. To use the smart fitness talkband on your phone, you need to install the WoFit app, available for both Android and iPhone devices. Once you installed that, it is really easy to connect the two. In the app settings, you go to ‘device’ and you connect the Smart Fitness Talkband. You only need to do that once, after that it connects by a Bluetooth connection and every time you turn on Bluetooth, the data on the phone and the talkband synchronizes.

Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband Review

In addition to its impressive fitness-tracking capabilities, the Smart Fitness Talkband is also a suitable smartwatch, offering you gentle text notifications right on your wrist. When a new message arrives, the device vibrates and the screen shows relevant notifications and corresponding icons. Once paired with your phone you can also track your phone. All I have to do is switch over to the “seek phone” mode. And a simple long press on the touchkey will cause the phone to respond. All told, the Smart Fitness Talkband is the most impressive fitness tracker available and the fact it doubles as a powerful smartwatch, and an earphone makes it that much better.

Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband Review

Yup you read that right, it can also work as an earphone. When the earphone is not in the bracelet you can answer calls, reject calls, and activate voice assistant. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the earphone works. The calls were clear and crisp on both ends. I really liked how easy this talkband was to pair with both my phone and the app. When wearing the Smart Fitness Talkband it was light and very comfortable, there were times when I even forgot I had it on.

Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband Review

Charging the talkband is also a breeze thanks to the charging stand it brings. I like how it attaches quickly. I initially charged it overnight before setting it up, but the battery life has been great!

Personally aside from tracking my steps the function I use the most is the sleep tracker. This device tracks your sleep and with the app you can see what stages of sleep you were in. You get the percentage and time of all the sleep stages you were in. I found this really interesting and I think it works really well, healthy sleep is so important. Another plus for me is that this Smart Fitness Talkband and my Onedekko Bluetooth Smart Scale both sync to the Heart app! If you want to know more about the smart scale check out my post here.

Overall I am very happy with the Smart Fitness Talkband and I think it is an excellent activity, sleep tracker, and earphone. The only thing I would change is that I would love it to be waterproof. That would really take it over the top for me.

You can get the Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband on Amazon.

Product Description

With a Chic Black Design and Bright display, this bracelet will help monitor your health stats. Monitoring your Running, calories, number of steps, sleep, mileage per day, Heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor. Fashion watch, Bluetooth Headset and Smart Bracelet combine effortlessly into all in one Wrist Whisper. Take the earpiece out of the wristband and the bluetooth is activated, You place the earpiece back into the wristband and the bluetooth deactivates. Smart fit talk band integrates with the free Wofit App. The App is available on both Android and IPhone devices, and supports Siri.

.96 inch Colorful IPS Touch Screen – can set sensitivity Make/pick up/Refuse phone call/ Find Phone Function App for IOS and Android – Works with Siri Blood pressure Monitor + Heart Rate Monitor + Heart Rate Alert = Sleep Monitor Countdown/Stop watch/ Multiple alarm/sedentary reminder/Pedometer/Distance/Calorie Counting

Onedekko Smart Fitness Talkband Review

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  1. Lauryn R

    What an awesome smart watch/fitness tracker! I absolutely love that it has a detachable earphone, what a cool and very useful feature!

  2. Paula Ball

    I so need one of these, my new years resolution is to get healthy. I am 63 & a smoker for 20+ years! As of 1/1/19 that is over; plan to start with walking & progress to running! I intend to eventually run a marathon! I know, I know, I’m 63, but never underestimate determination. This has been in my mind for a few months, quietly subscribed to Runner mag 6 months ago, & have started telling family members in the last month. Will be keeping a public record of my progress somehow, haven’t figured that out yet.

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Congratulations on you upcoming journey! Keep me in the loop, I’ll definitely root for you. This scale would definitely come in handy. 🙂

  3. MD Kennedy

    I love the idea that you can use this as an earphone as well. Multi-use tools are the best!

  4. Tamra Phelps

    It looks pretty good, too. I like the design and it would be great as a smartwatch.


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