2023 Gift Guides Sponsor Information

2023 Gift Guides Sponsor Information

Are you looking to gain more exposure for your Brand OR Products this year? My Silly Little Gang has the perfect opportunity for you! For more on the 2023 Gift Guides Sponsor Information keep reading.

2023 Gift Guides Sponsor Information

2023 Gift Guides Sponsors Information

Let Us Promote Your Products Today!

What can we offer you?

  1. The gift guide is featured on all blogs involved.
  2. You can feature your products or have us run a giveaway to get your product(s) more attention.
  3. Giveaways are promoted by several bloggers.
  4. We share reviews on our social media and we share other Blogger’s reviews from the guide, not all bloggers involved.
  5. We promote your product at least 3 times per week until the end of the guide.

Below Are The Packages Offered With Each Gift Guide.

All participating bloggers will be posting and promoting the Gift Guide.

  1. Feature Package – A review or write-up about your product/service. The review will be shared a minimum of 3 times per week on various social media. This is posted in the correct section of the gift guide. ($100 for the first product, $50 for additional products)
  2. Giveaway Package – Includes Feature Package and a 3-week giveaway. This will be posted and shared by up to 40 blogs. You can have more than 1 winner of the same item. This is your product only. ($200 for the first product, $100 for each additional with a separate giveaway, and $50 for additional items added to the original giveaway)
  3. Add on only – Multi-sponsors giveaway with packages of products given away to 3 – 4 winners depending on the total package value. Product pictures, company names, and social media are all linked on the giveaway post and on the entry form. The product name is linked to where to purchase and a link to review also on the giveaway post. No Charge must choose either 1 or 2 to do this one.

2023 Gift Guide Schedule


2/15 – 3/31 SPRING

4/1 – 5/14 MOTHER’S DAY

5/15 – 6/30 DAD/GRAD

7/1 – 8/31 BACK TO SCHOOL

9/1 – 10/31 FALL

11/1 – 12/31 HOLIDAY

Take a look at our 2022 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE for examples of our work.

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