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My Silly Little Gang is a lifestyle blog that features family-friendly product reviews, crafts, events/activities, recipes, giveaways, and lots more! In this blog you will find out what it’s like to be a part of my crazy but wonderful life and every adventure we encounter. Through my posts I hope to share with you the silly details of raising my little gang of boys and the different things I encounter in my life as a mommy, a wife, a sister, a friend. I talk about my battles with depression and Fibromyalgia. I like to include any crafts or recipes that I try or come across.

MSLGMePic About Silvana

I am most known by my nickname Silvie. I have had this nickname since elementary school, so I am more used to it than my legal name. I am a mom of 3 rambunctious boys. That I love with all my life! I am also a self-proclaimed crafter and chef. Our life is full of adventures (we love to travel, even if it’s not far) and lots of fun. Being a mom of three is definitely a wild ride but it’s one that I would never change for anything in the world!

I am Massachusetts-raised and will forever be a Boston girl. I attended college in Boston where I graduated with an Associates degree in Business Management. I worked for many years as an assistant manager in a dental office and it was during a dental conference in Houston TX that I met my husband in 2003 after a couple years of a long distance relationship we decided to move in together. Yes, there is a long story there, and I hope to one day be brave enough to tell it.

My husband is a residential painter which ignited my love of home decor. We have lived in Houston TX and now Massachusetts. Where we have our own painting company. 

Needless to say my family keeps me busy…if you’re a parent I know you can definitely relate. I love crafting, gardening and cooking! As you will see I am not that different than you and I think there may be a lot that we may have in common.   So with all due respect to my family and friends I will share with you in this blog what it’s like for me being a woman, wife, sister, friend, and of course a mom. I appreciate you for reading my blog and sharing in my busy but fun life!

I can be found on my blog:, email:, Facebook (5,322 Followers), Twitter (15,424 Followers), Pinterest (14,277 Followers), Instagram (5,116 Followers), LinkedIn (2,480 Connections), YouTube (3,118 Subscribers), and Bloglovin (1,309 Followers) to name a few. *Stats as of 08/23/2022

Who else is behind My Silly Little Gang:

We are blessed with our three amazing boys. Diego is our oldest, born in 2005. He is very science & math-minded and loves to read. He also loves to play any percussion instrument which he is now taking lessons for both in and out of school. Along with teaching himself to play the ukulele and violin, he is quite the musician. Computer coding, writing in his many journals and playing any game that deals with strategy and logic, are also his passions.

Aaron came into our lives in 2006. He also has a fascination with computer coding and science. He loves listening to music and enjoys teaching himself to play the guitar. In school, he is in both band and jazz band playing the saxophone. He spends most of his time drawing, and playing pranks and is following in my footsteps with his passion for STAR WARS.

Matias surprised our family in 2011 since after a miscarriage in 2009 I was told I could no longer have children. And he’s been surprising us non-stop ever since. He is a spitfire, a ball of fun, who loves to smile and constantly makes us all laugh. He loves to build and do hands-on experiments and activities. He is always found to be building with LEGO bricks or creating things out of boxes or pretty much anything he can get his hands on. 

Site Information:

Monthly Unique Visitors: 86.3K  /   Monthly Page Views: 92.7K

Email Subscribers: 3,500+   /   Social Media Followers: 45,876+

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Work with My Silly Little Gang:

There are many brands that we as a family love.  Whenever we find a brand, product, or service that lets My Silly Little Gang create memories together as a family, live healthier, fuller lives, or just make life easier, we have to share these with our readers! At My Silly Little Gang, we strive to showcase how a brand we love helps us create memories, live our lives, and most importantly how we put things to use!

I have noticed that our readers really respond to the posts that show how a product can be advantageous in a family setting.

Here are a few Brands we have partnered with over the years.

We’d love to work with you! Here are some of the projects I am open to organizing:

For rates please contact me at:


Some advertising on My Silly Little Gang is in the form of advertisements generated by a third-party ad network. I am currently working as an affiliate for the following brands: Amazon, Cents of Style, Squatty Potty, Evive, Nadine West, and Coffe Over Cardio.


Any products or samples sent to this blog that are reviewed and or featured will be kept and can not be returned. This is because we fully test out the product in order to give our opinion. Our posts are in no way influenced by the companies whose products we receive. All reviews and opinions are 100% our own and are based on my family’s experience with the products. We will always be honest with our opinion and will always state whenever a product was sent to us. 

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