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Bible Journaling Made Simple @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

I have always wanted to try Bible journaling, however I wanted to learn how to do it properly. Bible Journaling Made Simple has great tips. Bible Journaling Made Simple If you have ever wanted to do bible journaling but didn’t know…
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Vegan Challenge: The 30-Day Program Book Review @SMGurusNetwork #Holiday18

Vegan Challenge: The 30-Day Program Book Review

I have been wanting to see if going vegan would work for me. Why not give it a try for 30 days and see? That’s why I gave Vegan Challenge: The 30-Day Program a try. Here are my thoughts on the…
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Large Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs Review @SMGurusNetwork #MySillyLittleGang

Large Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs Review To those of you that know me it’s no surprise that we love coffee, along with that I love coffee mugs. Especially when they keep my coffee hot. I like enjoying my morning…
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Live Infinitely Fitness – 2016 Great Gifts For Her/Him

Live Infinitely Foam Roller & Infuser Water Bottle Recently Live Infinitely sent me both their Foam Roller and their Infuser Water Bottle. I was very impressed by both products. Yet I wasn’t surprised, every Live Infinitely product I own I absolutely…
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Hickies – 2016 Holiday Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers

Hickies The No Tie Shoelaces! Perfect Stocking Stuffers! Although my boys know how to tie their shoes, they just don’t seem to like to. That’s why I knew that Hickies no tie shoelaces were going to be perfect for them….
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PerfectShaker – Holiday Gift Guide Gift Under $25

PerfectShaker – Great Holiday Gift Under $25 My boys and I are huge smoothie fans! The only thing that we don’t like is having to stir it so it doesn’t separate. We don’t mind it when we’re at home, but…
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What’s YOUR Birthday Wish? – Kids Holiday Gift Idea

What’s YOUR Birthday Wish? By J.E. Laufer I have always wondered what my boys wish for when they blow out their candles. So one day I asked them… Matias (5) said that on his last birthday he wished for his…
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Watchitude – Holiday Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers

Watchitude Makes The Perfect Gift And Stocking Stuffers My son Aaron loves those bracelets that “slap on” your wrist. He also loves to wear a watch, especially now that he can tell time. So when I heard about Watchitude I…
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Circuit Maze – 2016 Kids Holiday Gift Guide Idea

Circuit Maze – Electric Current Logic Game This is one of the funnest games that we have from ThinkFun! The boys absolutely love it, because it’s great when you make those light turn on. This is another game where you use logic…
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