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What's YOUR Birthday Wish? By J.E. Laufer

What’s YOUR Birthday Wish? By J.E. Laufer

I have always wondered what my boys wish for when they blow out their candles. So one day I asked them… Matias (5) said that on his last birthday he wished for his favorite toy plushie. Which he now has. Aaron (9) who will be turning 10 in 2 weeks said that he will be wishing for 2 things. Snow days from school and for all the kids in the world to get presents this Christmas. Diego (11) said that on his last birthday he wished for all the people of the world to have enough food so they would never feel hunger.

I was happy to see that the values that I have taught my boys really do make an impact on their lives. I was also very proud that they think of others.

When I received the book What’s YOUR Birthday Wish by J.E. Laufer I immediately loved the colors. It’s a very colorful and eye catching cover. I had not read into what the book was about so I could have an unbiased impression of it. This is a good book with lots of eye catching colorful illustrations. It’s written in rhyme form which is both fun to hear and read. My boys loved this book, it was a great addition to our home library. 

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About The Book

Children can now escape to a new adventure in Gigglyville with the second book in the series, What’s YOUR Birthday Wish? More Adventures in Gigglyville, by award-winning author J.E. Laufer. What’s YOUR Birthday Wish? is an inspiring, rhyming and fun book for children and their families — even if it’s not their birthday.

With charming illustrations accenting the story’s vibrant verse, Laufer’s What’s YOUR Birthday Wish? takes children of all ages to a make-believe world of colorful adventure where any wish can come true. So let’s wish BIG! Clever rhymes, vivid imagery and modern-day concepts bring this new picture book to life with laugh-out-loud wit, adventure and compassion.

Written in language “suitable for and readable by” young children, parents, caregivers and teachers can read this book to children now, and in a year or two children will able to read it themselves. Laufer hopes to keep her readers imagining wondrous birthday wishes all year long and, who knows, they might come true!

About The Author

Judy Egett (J.E.) Laufer was a kindergarten teacher for over a decade and has always been inspired by the boundless imaginations of children. Her first picture book, Where Did Papa Go?, helps children who are grieving to cope with the loss of a loved one, and she’s the recipient of the World Society of Poets’ Golden Poet Award. Laufer believes that most often happiness is a choice, so young and old, we should try always go to bed with a smile and maybe you will wake up laughing. A mother, wife and active member of her local community, she currently resides in the Southwest.

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