New Years Eve Party Ideas for All Ages! #NewYearsEve

New Years Eve Party Ideas for All Ages!

We love planing a special family night when it comes to celebrating New Years Eve! Here is a list of New Years Eve party ideas for all ages.

New Years Eve Party Ideas for All Ages

New Years Eve Party Ideas for All Ages!

Now that my boys are old enough to make it awake until midnight, we try to make each new years eve super fun! Here is a list of games and other ideas we have used to make it a fun night. I hope you enjoy these new years eve party ideas for all ages anytime. Let’s get started…

New Years Eve Party Ideas for All Ages

Balloon Drop

This year why not do a balloon drop? We love to suspend a bunch of balloons from the living room ceiling and release them at midnight.

Paper Plate Shakers

These paper plate shakers make great New Year’s Eve noisemakers! Plus they’re super easy to make. Simply glue two small plates together around the edges – fill with rice or dried beans and insert a craft stick while you’re gluing everything together. When the glue is dry you can decorate the noisemakers any way you like. Your imagination is the limit!


Make a ball-shaped piñata to resemble the big ball that drops in New York City. My boys love to decorate it with paint, sparkly beads and glitter, At midnight we let the kids take turns to break it!

New Years Eve Party Ideas for All Ages


Toast each other with sparkling cider, ginger-ale punch or some other bubbly mocktail. Check out recipes for mocktails here or here.

Ready for some games?

New Years Eve Party Ideas for All Ages!

Chickapig Board Game

Break your flock of Chickapigs free while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an unruly pooping cow in this strategic board game.

You are in charge of a flock of Chickapigs. Coordinate your Chickapigs, hay bales, and the cow so that you can be the first player to get all your Chickapigs through your goal.

The Pooping Cow
There’s a cow on the board, and when you move it, it poops! Whoever goes over a poop must take a poop card, which is always bad.

In Other Words
Chickapig is a highly social strategy game involving offense, defense, and avoiding poop.

You can find the Chickapig board game on Amazon.

New Years Eve Party Ideas for All Ages!


Kids can squish, squash, and sculpt their way to creative play with Playfoam Pop N’ Play! Simply squish the mini Playfoam into one of two flexible, non-stick, silicone molds, then press to pop and play with the shaped piece or use the Playfoam on its own to sculpt custom creations.

With four mini Playfoam pods in four fabulous colors, the pretend play fun never ends! Fast-paced, hands-on, party game.

Includes: 2 resealable, plastic tubs of Playfoam, 2 sculpting mats, 300 cards, die, and timer. Playfoam won’t stick to carpet, furniture, or clothing. Playfoam never dries out, so you can play again and again!

You can find Sculptapalooza on Amazon.

New Years Eve Party Ideas for All Ages!

Front Porch Classics Tabletop Shuffleboard

Can’t slip out to play Shuffleboard at a real pub? No worries! Front Porch Classics brings pub-style shuffleboard home with this realistic, high quality, wooden table top version. Perfect for any game or recreation room. Game board measures 62” x 10” x 1.5”. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 years and up.

Contents include: 2-Piece Board, 8 Shuffleboard Pucks (4 red, 4 blue), Metal Scoring Pegs and instructions.

You can find the Front Porch Classics Tabletop Shuffleboard on Amazon.

How do you celebrate New Years Eve with the kids?


  1. Lauryn R

    These look like really fun games to play at a get together! I personally love games so we always have Family Game Night. These would be perfect to add to our collection! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Denise Low

    Thank you for the great ideas for a New Years Eve party.

  3. Tamra Phelps

    I think it’s a nice idea to include kids. I would enjoy that much more than some boozy grown-up loud party.


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