New Cookbook Features Quick & Easy Weight Loss Recipes

New Cookbook Features Quick & Easy Weight Loss Recipes

New Cookbook Features Quick & Easy Weight Loss Recipes

Many of you know that I recently had weight loss surgery, VSG to be exact. I like sharing my journey with you on my blog which you can follow here. Because of my surgery I have now been on the hunt for high protein, low fat, low carb recipes. It was during this hunt that I came across Cookin’ Skinny. This is a new cookbook that features quick and easy weight loss recipes. I was supper excited when I received the book, I couldn’t wait to try a recipe out.

What I really liked about this cookbook is that the author Helen Martinson battled obesity for a big part of her life. Just like me Helen underwent surgery and had VSG. I will never get tired of saying that weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out. Many don’t realize that by undergoing surgery you have to learn a new way of eating, exercising, and living. Because if you have surgery and not change these things you will have a regain. This cookbook features a collection of Helen’s recipes that have helped her maintain her 140 lb weight loss.

Every recipe in this book includes a nutritional breakdown with all the information you might need. Some recipes also have options, there’s nutritional data about the options, too. This is such a nice feature that isn’t found in many cookbooks. The recipes include easy-to-find ingredients and balanced food options for nutritious and delicious meals. Helen includes choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, side dishes, soups, etc. You get the idea, it covers pretty much any meal you may need. This is a great cookbook, perfect for anyone looking to lose weight and especially good for bariatric patients.

New Cookbook Features Quick and Easy Recipes for Weight Loss

Helen Martinson shares what she added to her diet to help her gain confidence

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (Jan. 15, 2018) – According to the Center of Disease Control, over 70 percent of Americans are overweight. While contending with weight issues is a difficult problem to address, the first step to change usually starts in the kitchen.

Facing her own weight challenges, Helen Martinson underwent bariatric surgery, and later installed a gastric sleeve. Unfortunately, the surgeries were not effective solutions and did not end her battle with obesity. Determined to lose the weight once and for all, Martinson took measures into her own hands. She tailored her eating habits, refined her dietary plan, made consistent healthy food choices and lost 140 pounds. Now, she provides readers with the food guidelines needed to begin their own weight loss journey with “Cookin’ Skinny: A Collection of Low-Calorie, Low-Carb, Low-Fat, and High-Protein Recipes.”

“Cookin’ Skinny,” features tips for eating healthy and tasty low-calorie recipes. The recipes include easy-to-find ingredients and balanced food options for nutritious and delicious meals. Martinson includes choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks that are easy to prepare. Throughout, Martinson shares her personal weight loss struggles and success on the way to losing over 100 pounds.

“I lived a life of obesity and while I tried to never let it affect my level of happiness, it did affect my overall quality of life,” Martinson said. “Cookin’ Skinny is my opportunity to help others who want to lose weight and need clever recipes.”

About Cookin’ Skinny

Obesity is a serious disease in the United States and around the world. No one knows that more than Helen Martinson who has lost more than 140 pounds. Through her personal experiences and guidance from medical professionals, Martinson has learned how to eat healthfully. In her first cookbook, Martinson shares low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat, and high-protein recipes that utilize simple, easy-to-find ingredients to create delicious meals anytime of the day. From blueberry pancakes to mini-frittatas to beef in lettuce wraps to a power salad to spinach meatballs, and finally to strawberries and cream, Martinson leads lifestyle changers on a tasty journey that includes not just her recipes, but also helpful and carefully researched supplemental information such as portion sizes, calories, and grams of protein. Cookin’ Skinny shares one woman’s weight loss success story through appealing and easy-to-prepare recipes that will help anyone rework a meal plan to include healthy options every day.

About the Author

Helen Martinson is a retired insurance agent who is an active member of the international sorority, Beta Sigma Phi. She has six grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. Helen resides in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where she enjoys cooking and watching baseball and college basketball.

Available for purchase on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


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    I need to lose about twenty pounds. This is a book I could really use to enjoy some good recipes. Thank you so much for sharing

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    Thank you for sharing. I will check out these cookbooks.


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