Drug-Free Remedy for Weather Related Migraines #MigraineX @CIRRUShp

Drug-Free Remedy for Weather Related Migraines

Drug-Free Remedy for Weather Related Migraines

I can’t stand it when I get migraines. I also don’t like taking anything for them. I know that sounds crazy but I take a lot of prescription medicines and to have to take another med just for migraines is not my cup of tea. Whenever I get a migraine it can debilitate me completely. Those of you that follow my blog and social media know just how bad I get them. And I can’t forget to mention that they make be very irritable.

Although not all, most of my migraines are weather related. Any shifts in the weather and barometric pressure brings on a migraine. In case you didn’t know: Barometric pressure refers to the pressure in the air or the amount of force that is being applied to your body from the air. When there is a shift, pressure levels become unbalanced, causing and intensifying migraines. With the holiday season in full swing, I (like most people) am busier than ever. That means I have absolutely no time for migraines.

I recently heard of a drug-free remedy for weather related migraines, it’s called MigraineX. This is the first OTC companion product that works together with an app to notify users when barometric pressure change is likely; alerting you to insert the device 12-24 hours (or as needed) prior to changes occurring. MigraineX allows air to flow through a CeramX filter that helps regulate the barometric weather so a person experiences a more gradual change in pressure.

Drug-Free Remedy for Weather Related Migraines

MigraineX helps with my weather related migraines easily. I mentioned the MigraineX app earlier in this post. This app, which works for iPhone and Android users is, free of charge and works perfectly with the ear device. The purpose of this app is to provide users with forecasts and alerts you of barometric pressure changes that are responsible for migraines. This is great because this means I no longer have to keep track of these changes on my own.

This app provides me with a 24-hour alert when there is a change in weather. What I do is at the time the alert gives me I simply insert the MigraineX ear device to regulate pressure in my ears. The thing I love about MigraineX is that it contains no trace of neither drugs nor latex, it’s reusable, and it comes in purple. Which happens to be my favorite color!

You can purchase MigraineX at your local CVS Pharmacy and on Amazon.

Product Description

MigraineX is an all-natural, drug-free option to use with your existing medication. The ear device utilizes a CeramX filter specifically designed to deal with ground level changes in atmospheric pressure.  This filter allows the pressure in a sufferer’s middle ear to experience a more gradual change, rather than being at the will of the weather around you.

This is the first product to specifically manage the change in atmospheric pressure that triggers many migraine sufferer’s symptoms.

With the help of the free MigraineX app (Apple/Android), you have the tools to know ahead of time. The app will send you a push notification of upcoming weather systems that may trigger a weather-related migraine.

Don’t know if weather affects your migraines? If your headache symptoms coincide with an alert from the MigraineX app, our product will help! If no symptoms occur after an alert, you’re likely in the clear from weather-related events!

For over 20 years, Cirrus has helped airplane flyers deal with their pressure problems. EarPlanes, our flagship product available for Adults and Children, helps travelers with flight discomfort stemming from changes in elevation (during take-off and landing).

Drug-Free Remedy for Weather Related Migraines

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