9 Lazy Kidz Hot Sauce Product Review

9 Lazy Kidz Hot Sauce Product Review

9 Lazy Kidz Hot Sauce Product Review

Both my hubby and I like a kick of heat in our food. So we are always looking for new products that add that kick of heat. Honestly I absolutely love it when those products are sauces. I am always looking for a great hot sauce to add flavor to tacos, rice, beans, and even my salads.

My latest new find is 9 Lazy Kidz Hot Sauce. One of their flavors happens to be Q’s Spicy Mango. I have always liked my sauces to have contrasting flavors such as a sweetness and heat. And when hot sauces that have mango as a main ingredient, I just have to try them. A great mango hot sauce however can be very tricky. I have come across many but most are either super sweet or super tart. 

Q’s Spicy Mango however really surprised me. For starters I love the rich yellow color of this sauce, and the heavenly scent of habanero. The balance between the sweetness of the mango and the heat of the habanero is absolutely perfect. This sauce has definitely become my favorite mango hot sauce and I can’t wait to try out their other flavors.

Product Description

9 Lazy Kidz is a hot sauce company with sauces based on each kids’ personality. Their organic, gluten-free recipe is a must-have for families, and a great addition to almost any meal, with a variety of recipes that it can be used in. Their most popular, Q’s Spicy Mango Sauce, is a hit, adding in a special kick and flavor to liven up meals especially during family get togethers during football season. You can purchase Q’s Spicy Mango Sauce on the 9 Lazy Kidz website. 

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Do you like heat, what do you look for in a hot sauce?

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