Mascara … What You Need To Know!


Here are my questions & where I got them answered!

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Being a HUGE mascara junkie, as such there are certain things that I like to know. Like what you ask…

I want to know what are the best mascaras out there.

How and Why they were chosen as “The Best”.

What’s the best way to use the mascara?

Are there any other mascaras I should consider?

Now that I was told who the best is, are there any runner ups?

And finally are there any rules when it comes to mascara? 

As you can see I have tons of questions! Well now I have all those answers!!!! Yup, you read that right. You definitely have to check out this article that answered every single one of my questions.

CLICK HERE to read it!!

5 mascara rules

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  1. Elizabeth Tarlow

    I wish I’d run across this years ago!! Great tips, I learned a lot 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Michelle Copley

    I am a makeup junkie and trying t find the holy grail mascara and eyeliner is an ongoing struggle for me. I learned a lot from this posting. Thank you for posting this. ATM I am using Urban Decay’s duo subversion primer and perversion mascara. It has had the best results for me so far. I watched a video of one of the makeup artists at Sephora I think the other day about eyeliners. I struggle with eyeliner that coats, covers and STAYS put. Especially my waterline. He suggests using kohl first THEN the waterproof liner the color of your choice. Makes sense lol waterproof liner on your waterline is not gonna work well so the kohl absorbs the water and then once dried use your liner and color of choice. I bought a kohl liner today to give it a whirl!


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