Alias Board Game: Great For Game Night! #tacticgames

Alias board game

Alias Board Game – Family Version


In this house we are huge fans of “Family Game Night” and we are always looking for new board games to try. With February school vacation coming up next week this board game is going to be lots of fun. How about you, are you looking for a new board game? We highly recommend the Alias -Family version board game.

alias board game

It comes perfectly packed in a sturdy box set up in a way that makes it easy to put back when we’re done.

This game brings the playing board (of course), 8 pawns in different color,

alias board game

1 sand timer, spinner base and arrow

alias board game

Adult cards, Kids cards and Wild Cards.

alias board game

The rules come in a cool booklet that not only gives the rules, it also shows you how to get the most of this game!

alias board game

This game so much fun and it has quickly become a favorite of ours. It also has an app for tablets and smartphones so the boys like playing it on there too. Get all three version of Alias (Original, Family & Junior) on Amazon.

Product Description

Tactic Games’ Alias family of games are various versions games based on its original Alias game. 

Alias games all have one element in common, in which players explain words by using synonyms, opposites and other clues without mentioning the actual word they are describing.

Dice Alias is the latest version added to the Tactic Games’ cornerstone game franchise that began with the original Alias game (over 5 million sold worldwide). The Alias product family consists of games for kids, grownups, families and friends. The various Alias games are:

  • Alias Original (for ages 7+) – The game that started everyone an entertaining game where the idea is to explain words in other words – without actually saying the word that is being explained. Players can help other team members guess as many words as possible within one minute. Just pick a card, check the word, and start talking – the idea of Alias is to explain as many words as possible to your teammates. The more words they guess right, the further you get to move on the game board.
    Family Alias (for ages 7+) The Alias game that is equally challenging to both children and adults. In this game, players use a spinner to see who you partner is for that round. For grownups there are special explaining styles that make the game even more hilarious.
    Party Alias (teens and adults) – To get this Alias party started, it is like the original Alias, but if your pawn stops in a “Party” space, players will have to use just sounds, gestures, actions or motions to explain a word!
    Junior Alias (for ages 5+) – By playing this fast and fun Alias game, it is an easy way to expand vocabulary and practice cooperative interaction. Junior cards have a word and a picture to help make the explaining easier for younger players.
    Dice Alias (for ages 7+), players roll the dice (7 Letter dice and 1 Wild dice) into the bowl in the center of the board. The players can’t touch the dice, but everyone plays at the same time by trying to form a 4-8 letter word using the dice. When a player identifies a word they shout “ALIAS” and then begin to describe the word they have identified to the other players and get them to correctly guess their word. The player who guesses the word and the clue giver each move up one space on the board and then play continues using the same roll. When players can no longer identify words with the dice, any player can grab the dice and roll again. The first player to move his or her pawn around the board to the finish line wins
    Travel Junior Alias and Travel Party Alias – Take-along-friendly versions of the Alias games.

About Tactic Games:
Tactic Group® is an international and fast growing developer and marketer of board games in Europe, now launching in the U.S. and Canada.  For the past 48 years, the Finnish board game company has provided consumers with innovative, high-quality products that have been warmly received by the public, including award-winning Mölkky® and iKNOW®.  Their mission is to produce entertaining games that offer moments of genuine delight and entertainment to family and friends the world over. To discover more about Tactic’s wide range of games, visit and get all of the most up-to-date, immediate information by interacting with the company on its social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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