#verilux Portable Sanitizing Wand Review

Portable Sanitizing Wand, Perfect for Smart Moms!



I’m going to be completely honest I’m the type of mom that isn’t really too worried about germs. Especially being a mom to 3 boys, I have learned that germs and boys do kinda go hand in hand. I am however not a fan of harsh chemicals. So when I need to get something germ free the Verilux Portable Sanitizing Wand is a great alternative.

With the Verilux Portable Sanitizing Wand, you can easily eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses from public surfaces. the size of this wand is perfect for taking it on the go. It’s a great size, lightweight and fits easily into your larger purse or baby bag. There is a safety shut-off  that guards against unwanted exposure to eyes and skin, so that if the wand is tilted in any way, we cannot accidentally turn it on ourselves or look directly at the light.

It also has a built-in light that indicates when the unit is active. It comes ready to use, all you need is to load 4 AA batteries (not included) for hours of cleaning convenience. I also really like that it has a “low battery” warning light. I was actually quite skeptical that this product would actually work but reading more about UV-C light convinced me this is not a hoax. I really like that it’s chemical-free and odorless. It also doesn’t leave behind any toxic residues, but merely eliminates the disease-causing microbes that live and multiply on everyday surfaces.  It also is effective against dust mite eggs, E. Coli, rotaviruses, H1N1 (swine flu), MRSA, flea eggs, bacteria and 99.9% of household allergens and germs.

I really liked was how lightweight the wand was and how it had a convenient wrist strap so that you could hold it securely and not risk dropping it.  It is very easy to operate.  Simply push down the blue button on the front and wait for the light to come on.

Next, you slowly wave the lighted wand over surfaces which you would like to sanitize, such as restaurant tables, silverware, and drinking glasses.  You could literally use this on hundreds of different items, like cell phones, toilet seats, faucets, door knobs and handles, steering wheels, laptop keyboards, computer mice, remote controls, etc.

You can purchase or check out more about this great portable sanitizing wand on the Verilux Website.

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