Wood Cutting Board Oil Conditioner Review #carondoucet

Caron & Doucet Wood Cutting Board Oil Conditioner


I recently received a bottle of Caron & Doucet Wood Cutting Board Oil Conditioner. Before using this I never really understood why people oiled their wooden boards. But after seeing a few of my oldest boards cracked I totally understand the need for protecting them. I applied this oil to several old cutting boards. And also on a few new cutting boards and it is amazing. 

I really like that it’s not a mineral oil. It’s created exclusively with 100% natural ingredients, and really does a nice job on the wood. I used it on an older cutting board and thought it ‘refurbished’ it considerably. It’s great for any kind of wood and also great on bamboo boards. Several coatings give the best results. All my old cutting boards look like new. I love it. This is absolutely a must have for cutting boards or wooden serving dishes. Just take a look at this before and after picture. 

Product Description

This product is designed to provide the routine maintenance required to prolong the life of wood and bamboo kitchenware. When used regularly,CUTTING BOARD OIL will prevent moisture damage that leads to cracking and or separation of joints. The added essential oils naturally help to eliminate unwanted food odours. This product is ideal for wood and bamboo kitchenware such as cutting boards, utensils, salad bowls, serving platters, rolling pins, etc…
Clean wood and bamboo kitchenware with hot water and gentle soap. Dry thoroughly and apply a light coating of cutting board oil with your hands or a clean cloth after each use.

Created as an alternative to petroleum-based products (such as mineral oil), this product is formulated using refined coconut oil. Unlike petroleum-based oils, coconut oil is a renewable resource and is also less viscous making it easy to spread and pleasant to the touch.

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