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Spring Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool


Ok ladies, let’s talk facial hair. No I don’t mean your guy’s beard or stache…yes, I’m talking about our own. I have always used waxing or depilatory creams for taking care of the pesky hairs on my sideburns, chin/neck, and the upper lip. You know…places where, if you have hair, you want it gone! But there are always the down sides to those types of products. I for one don’t like the redness that comes with waxing, and I always get some irritation from depilatory creams even if they are for sensitive skin. So I am always on the look out for new ways to remove unwanted facial hair. I have heard but have never tried threading (with thread) because all my friends who have done it say it hurts a lot. And honestly I am a chicken when it comes to pain.

So when I heard about the Spring Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool I was curious. It’s said to not be painful and in all the videos I’ve seen (thanks YouTube) everyone says it doesn’t hurt. So I was anxiously waiting for my tool to come in the mail. When it finally got here I couldn’t wait to try it! I really like that it brings a brow razor. Because you do NOT want to use this tool on your brows. It’s not meant for areas where you need to shape. It truly does remove all hair in it’s way.

The tool is basically a very flexible spring made from hypoallergenic carbon steel with plastic handles.  To use it, you bend the tool in an upside down ‘U’, place it on your skin, and then, holding each handle with a different hand, twist the handles outward.  The twisting action will move the spring, collapsing it around the tiny hairs, and then pulling them out. The tool didn’t come with instructions but it’s not hard to figure out. It does take a little bit of practice though to use it effectively.

This tool is NOT pain free as it’s said to be. Does it hurt less than waxing? Absolutely!!! Does it hurt more than tweezing? In my opinion Yes!!! It’s like you’re tweezing several hairs at once in a line. Now when I tweeze I don’t really feel any pain so maybe this tool works the same way. Therefore you may get used to the feeling and it won’t hurt anymore to use it. Honestly, I don’t know if I will try it again only because it did hurt.

However, there are several benefits to doing this. For example…it’s quick, you pull out many hairs at once.  It lasts longer, because you’re pulling hair out by the root instead of just shaving off what’s above the skin.  Unlike waxing, it doesn’t pull the skin,  just the hair. So you don’t get that redness you get with waxing.  There are no messy or smelly chemicals involved either. And my favorite…it’s easily transportable. Yup, just throw it in your makeup bag and you can take it anywhere.

You can check out more about it here.

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