My little garden…

My maiden voyage into the world of gardening is not one that is exciting.  It’s about as heart-palpitating as watching tomatoes grow.  In fact, it’s exactly like that. 

My great aunt always had a garden – still does.  And she grows these tomatoes that are as big as a newborns head.  I would not want to birth one of those bad boys…on a less disgusting visual note, they are delicious.   Big, juicy, full of flavor.  Just the thought has me drueling for a tomato sandwich. With just a smidge of mayo and a little salt and pepper.  ooooh….it’s as if Brangelina’s baby married the offspring of Posh & Mr. McUnderwears…and their baby, affectionately named Awesome, was raised by Mother Theresa and P.Diddy…that’s how amazing they are.   My auntie must have a secret. Anyhoo…ever since I was little, I would love to go out there and pretend the garden was mine.  And then this year, I actually have enough space to plant a little garden. 

I decided that I would handle raised beds and I chose to have it on the front side yard because
1.  It has good drainage and gets full sun.
2. It puts me closer to our neighbors grape bushes and they said we could eat as many as we wanted…and you know with me and free stuff. (Like a moth to flame)
3. It is closer to the front door and I would like to burn the least number of calories as possible. (I’m lazy like that.) Now for the fun part the digging.

After the digging was done, I mixed in some new soil and I put my little plants in the ground.  I did two types of tomatoes, red, green, and yellow peppers, jalapenos, squash, cucumbers, rosemary and basil.   I was so proud just to get the stuff in the ground.  I honestly didn’t know if they would even survive. 

Then I realized we had a couple problems.  The first was critters.  Of course those pesky squirrels would probably eat everything right out of the ground. I knew I was going to need some kinda fence. So the next day I put up a little wire fence around the garden.

About a month later, I actually saw some notable growth.  Everything seemed to be going well until the summer really hit hard.  All these heat waves.  It seemed like it didn’t matter how much I would drench the plants with water, and my little garden suffered some losses.

The squash and cucumbers totally died off.  Everything else is alright,  including my weeds. Everything looks like it is ready for harvesting.

The little tomatoes line my kitchen window sill waiting for me to check for readiness.  And these are tiny little goobers. They are supposed to be roma tomotoes, but they look more like big squished cherry tomatoes. They are so juicy and flavorful that I don’t mind the size at all.

So how’s your garden growing?  Oh and a question for the more experienced gardener…is there something I should be planting now?  I am new to gardening, and would appreciate any help or suggestions.

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