It’s ment to be a great day.

Yesterday marked ten years of Jose and I living together and being a family. I looked forward to him getting home and having a nice dinner with the boys them going with a few friends to the casino.

When he got home it definitely want what I expected. For starters, he had no idea it was even our anniversary. When I told him, he simply said “oh”. That disappointed me so much.

As a mom of three all I ever do around the house is pick things up, clean, dishes and laundry. Especially during the summer when the boys are home all day. And then on certain days I take them to the lake, the library, the sprinklers. You get the idea.

The reason I’m telling you this is because after dinner, Jose started to yell that the house is never clean. And started throwing things around. I cancelled with our friends and started picking up what he was throwing. I hate it the way he has always humiliated me.

I know that I shouldn’t put up with it. But I do because deep down I love him. It was supposed to be such a wonderful and special day, but it was ruined.

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