I’m the queen of the jabbers.

Most days are OK, but every so often there are those really tough parenting days that fry my brain and zap my every last will to live. I have this adorable habit of allowing my frustration simmer on low until it comes to a rolling boil. I then release tension by tossing out a good parenting jab at my poor, unsuspecting husband. I know it’s not mature. I know it’s not fair. I also know it’s not good for our marriage and yet, I do it anyway. Ten years of being together and I’m still jabbing. I know I’m not the only jabber out there; we all do it at some point. Whether under our breath or right out in the open, we moms say these things almost begging for a fight.

At least you get to pee in peace!
Kids don’t storm the bathroom with Dad the way they do with Mom. Do our kids think we’re relaxing or planning to stay awhile because we pee seated?

I do everything around here!
I know it sure feels that way but let me ask you this: Are you the one unclogging the garbage disposal or mowing the lawn? If you answered yes then you’re allowed to use this phrase forever and ever.

You’re never here!
He’s probably never there because he’s busy providing for his family. Give Dad a break.

Stop! You’re doing it wrong!
Dads are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. So what if he’s doing wrong? At least he’s doing it.

I can’t take it anymore!
Let’s face it dads don’t know what to do with this information. Do they hug you? Run and hide? Fart to ease the tension? Deep breath. Calm down. Be specific. (And Dads, please don’t fart.)

Have you ever caught yourself uttering these phrases? You know as well as I that your kids have a damn great dad. You also know how hard you’re both working to raise happy, confident children. Since the blessings far outweigh the crap, let’s say we focus on the good in each other and burn off the frustration in more productive ways.
Easier said than done? You betcha my friends.

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