To my beautiful Niece,

Wow! I can’t believe you are already one! I still remember the moment I first saw you as if it were yesterday. I was lucky enough to get to be with your mommy and witness you come into this wonderful world! Your pale skin, lots of brown hair and ruby rosebud lips just like Snow White! I fell deeply and completely in love with you in that very moment. I knew my life would never be the same now that you were here!

A single day doesn’t go by that you don’t light up my life, you are one of the reasons for the smile on my lips and the warmth in my heart. It has been so amazing watching you grow, learn, and turn into the little princess you have become.

You never stop amazing me. I love the way you quickly learn, and remember things after being shown or told only once, it totally blows my mind! You love to dance, and oh how you love your cousins! You are a girl of strong will, yet you truly have the most tender, sweet, and generous heart. You love to share, and one thing you share so abundantly without even knowing it is joy! Your very existence brings sui much joy to all of our hearts! I love to be with you, to play with you, rock you to sleep, and explore this amazing world with you! I want you to never stop seeing the wonder in the world, or the good in people. Always be kind, always be full of happiness, and never ever stop being you! You are loved more than you could ever fully understand. You are my princess, my adorable little princess, and my precious, precious Niece. I’m looking forward to watching you keep growing and transform into the amazing woman I’m sure you will be!

With all the love in the world, Aunty Chana xoxox


     This is my beautiful Princess Milly!


      This is one of my many favorite
            pictures of my Princes!!

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