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Sharing about a book that I have been reading…


I started reading the eBook “True Stories of Messages from Beyond” on my Kindle three days ago. Unfortunately I have experienced the loss of losing a loved one more than once in my life. But the person who I miss the most is my Grandmother Carmen. She helped my mom raise me, since my mom was a single mother and worked several jobs. She was so much more to me than just a grandma. She was a mother, a best-friend, a confidant, and gave me the support and encouragement that every girl needs while growing up and when grown.

A day doesn’t pass that I don’t miss her. Especially when my kiddos reach a milestone. I still talk to her, I know to some that might sound crazy. But I do, I have this picture of her that I love, and I talk to it like I’m talking to her. I like to think that she can hear me. When she first passed I used to dream of her often at least 2-3 times a week. But it’s been a few months that I haven’t. Being someone who battles with depression it’s taken a toll on me not to see her in my dreams.

You are probably wondering what does this have to do with me sharing about the book I’m reading…well it’s a book with several stories of people who have lost loved ones and have had the great blessing of seeing, feeling or dreaming with them. This book has taught me to stop and really look for the signs that our loved ones are still around us. Which has given me such hope that my grandma still shares the special moments in my life. And that like when she was alive is always by my side.

Today I was feeling especially down (probably because it was cloudy, dark and rainy). But I decided to go out into my yard and weed my tomatoes. As I was kneeling down in the drizzle, pulling out some weeds. I was thinking how I would love to be able to show my plants to my grandma, when I felt something hit me in the shoulder. Not hard but enough for me to stop and notice it. It turned out to be a small piece of cardboard maybe about the size of a quarter. A piece of white cardboard that when I turned it over had the pattern of the box of powder that she…my grandma…used to wear. And at that very moment I felt that wonderful scent that to me only belonged to her! And there it was…the much needed and hoped for sign that she is still with me.

It is with tears in my eyes that I happily add this post to my blog, with the hope that anyone who needs that little bit of hope that their loved ones are with them. Will read it and open up to seeing the signs that our loved ones give us.

In loving memory of Carmen E. Rivera



January 12, 1926 – October 31, 2010


  1. June S.

    (Missing someone who’s passed…) I do believe that our loved ones are around us all the time. Especially when we need their guidance the most in life. I lost both of my parents back in 1995 and do miss them both dearly. I also believe that our gone loved ones come to us in our dreams too.

  2. heatheranne1970

    Thank you for sharing this in last week’s #throwbackthursdaylinkup I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my step-father on August 25th. He has been in my life since I was 12 and was more than a step-father to me. Our family misses him tremendously. We’ve had a few signs from him, but I would love to have them more frequently. I will be sharing this as my favorite post of last week!

  3. mirandakay

    Thank you for sharing about your grandmother. I’m sure she was a wonderful person. It’s hard when we lose someone we love. I often think that my little girl I lost several years ago is watching over me. Thanks for sharing at #throwbackthursday linkup!

  4. Lucy Pollard-Gott

    Thanks for reposting and sharing this post with the lovely picture of your grandmother and words of her deep connection with you, then and now. Such love is an eternal blessing.

  5. tharpc2013

    This is a truly inspiring post I’m really sorry for you’r loss. I hope things get better for you but I guess all you can really do is take it one day at a time. You were talking about the cardboard and it reminding you of you’r grandmother I like to believe that they can still be with us and watch over us. It at least gives me a sort of peace and comfort. It sounds like she was very special to you and once again thanks for a great post.

    1. Silvie

      Thank you for your kind words.

      1. tharpc2013

        Your welcome


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