You know you’re a mom of boys when…

As mom of boys…we know the very special feeling of a home that has boys in it. Here are a few ways I know I have boys…

You know you’re a mom of boys when…

  •  Whenever someone farts, you hear giggles everywhere!
  • When all you hear about is how Thomas has broken down and needs to be rescued by James.
  • When you have to say the phrase “Stop grabbing your pipi” more than any other phrase.
  • When your kids tell you “You’re not a girl, you’re a mommy!”
  • When you have more light-sabers in the house than all the movies did put together..
  • When you find yourself holding a living creature that you never thought you could ever hold.
  • When a girl makes eyes at your son and you gave this weird urge to slug her.
  • You can’t remember what you ate for breakfast but you can inherently transform a Transformer without the instructions.
  • There’s a finger in your eye, ear or up your nose and it’s not yours.
  • There’s a rogue Bey Blade in your purse.
  • You have found yourself saying “Yes you do have to keep your pants on in public”….
  • You’ve had in depth conversations about who would win a competition involving Spider-man, Iron Man , Captain America and of course Daddy.
  • You can’t find a single pair of pants without holes in the knees.
  • You can use your phone, keyboard, i-pod but there’s a good chance your fingers will get stuck to it.
  • Poop, boogies, spiders, worms and cars are all main topics of conversation.
  • No matter how often you clean the bathroom it’s still dirty.
  • You consider it a good day if you can make it into bed without having been peed , farted, or spilled on.

I think these are all funny and in my household true, yet there is nothing that I would change about my crazy wonderful life. What can you add to this funny list?

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