Monsterkins from Wild Republic

Monsterkins from Wild Republic #MySillyLittleGang

I’ve shared about plushes from Wild Republic on my blog before. In this post, I’m sharing about Monsterkins from Wild Republic. Keep reading to find out more about these Halloween-perfect plushes.

Monsterkins from Wild Republic #MySillyLittleGang

Monsterkins from Wild Republic

We have several plushes from Wild Republic and we love them. That’s why when I heard about their new line Monsterkins I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Monsterkins fun plush critters also help raise awareness for the need to recycle in a most interesting way.  Each of the eight collectible monsters in the Monsterkin line of plush is made 100% from recycled water bottles.  They each live in a different habitat where they eat the discarded water bottles left by humans. From beaches to forests and habitats in between there is a Monsterkin helping rid the world of tossed aside water bottles.

Monsterkins from Wild Republic #MySillyLittleGang

We recently received the Monsterkins Vish Stuffed Animal. I couldn’t believe how soft this plush is. Its bright green color and soft fur make this a plush that’s perfect for any age. My youngest absolutely loves it and is constantly holding it. Here’s a little back story on Vish.

VISH (Trash Cans and Litter)

While other monsters can only live and eat in their own domain, Vish can go anywhere and eat plastics from all sorts of human trash grounds.  His special eye can be stretched to see around the tightest of spaces finding meals that others miss.  Stinky, smelly, messy, or moldy; he doesn’t care!

About Monsterkins


Not all monsters are bad.  Some are needed to help take care of our planet. 

Introducing Monsterkins created by the Earth for the Earth.  Monsterkins are Earth’s creation to help eat the plastic water bottles from land and sea.  It may take almost five hundred years for plastic bottles to decompose, but Monsterkins can digest them in only two hours.  They thrive on your plastic trash. 

Whether it’s in the rainforest, on a beach, or trash thrown on the ground, you can rely on a Monsterkin to eat it up and clean it up.  There’s a Monsterkin for every environment.

Check out the full Line & get your own here.

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