Our Favorite Plushes From Wild Republic & Shore Buddies ~ Holiday Gift Idea @Wild_Republic @ShoreBuddies

Our Favorite Plushes From Wild Republic & Shore Buddies ~ Holiday Gift Idea @Wild_Republic @ShoreBuddies #MySillyLittleGang

Do you have loved ones on your holiday list who love plushes? If so then you have to check out our favorite plushes from Wild Republic & Shore Buddies!

Our Favorite Plushes From Wild Republic & Shore Buddies  ~ Holiday Gift Idea @Wild_Republic @ShoreBuddies  #MySillyLittleGang

Our Favorite Plushes From Wild Republic & Shore Buddies

My boys have always loved plushes, I definitely think they get that from me. If you have plushes loving people on your holiday list, then look no further than this post. I am sharing with you today our favorite plushes from both Wild Republic and Shore Buddies. Let’ jump right in.

Our Favorite Plushes From Wild Republic & Shore Buddies  ~ Holiday Gift Idea @Wild_Republic @ShoreBuddies  #MySillyLittleGang

Wild Republic

Comfortkins  ~ Holiday Gift Idea @Wild_Republic @ShoreBuddies  #MySillyLittleGang


New from Wild Republic, Comfortkins allows children to practice wearing a mask with their favorite plush animal friends. The line features several animals with a colored mask.

We received the brown teddy bear with a purple hoodie and mask. It is super soft, cuddly, and adorable. We all loved it and take turns as to who gets to hold him next.

Comfortkins by Wild Republic are the best way to teach your child how to wear a mask and protect themselves in the new mask environment. Available are Giraffe, Black Bear, Red Fox, Sloth, and Teddy Bear.

Pilowkins  ~ Holiday Gift Idea @Wild_Republic @ShoreBuddies  #MySillyLittleGang


New from Wild Republic and considered to be the “the next teddy bear,” comes Pillowkins – fun, brightly designed pieces that combine a pillow with a plush animal to create the perfect go-anywhere friend. With twelve styles available this fall, there is one for every child.

We received the Penguin and he is cuddly and super in his tux. I must admit that he is my favorite although ever since we received him Matt takes him everywhere! The twelve styles available are Panda, Tiger, Black Bear, Shark, Alien Red, Giraffe, Unicorn, Elephant, Lion, Owl, Penguin, and Sloth.

Screen Grabbers  ~ Holiday Gift Idea @Wild_Republic @ShoreBuddies  #MySillyLittleGang

Screen Grabbers

Screen Grabbers are the perfect “home-school” pals. Screen Grabbers provide an animal friend that decorates a computer screen and covers the camera as needed during an online class.  Screen Grabbers can also dust your screen with a fun twist.  Choose from the six designs available this fall with more coming in the spring to add to the collection.

We received the unicorn and I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly on my laptop and I like that it can block my camera should I need it blocked. The six styles available are Cat, Corgi, Dinosaur, Red Panda, Sloth, and Unicorn.

You can find these adorable plushes on the Wild Republic website.

Our Favorite Plushes From Wild Republic & Shore Buddies  ~ Holiday Gift Idea @Wild_Republic @ShoreBuddies  #MySillyLittleGang

Let’s talk about Shore Buddies

The new Shore Buddies plush collection is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! It takes six plastic bottles to make one 12″ stuffed animal. The bottles are collected and sorted by recyclable collectors before cleaned and shredded into plastic flakes. Some of these flakes are used for the Shore Buddies’ stuffing, others get melted and turned into polyester yarn for the soft outside. Best of all, the adorable plush collection features a fun array of huggable characters including Stephen Seagull, Shelly the Sea Turtle, and Finn the Dolphin. They even make authentic animal sounds when pressed too! The company is also dedicated to giving back, and $1 from each purchase is given to charities that support Marine life.

As you can see above we received quite a package from Shore Buddies! In our package was both Stephen Seagull and Shelly the Sea Turtle. They both make adorable sounds when cuddled. I also liked that they both are softer than we imagined!

We also received a Straw Buddy Stainless Steel Straw Pack and the Shore Buddies And the Plastic Ocean book.

The Shore Buddies And the Plastic Ocean book is the story of 5 friends that are giving marine life a voice in fighting ocean plastic pollution. Find out what they discover in this cute illustrated children’s book. Join Emma the Whale, Finn the Dolphin, Sammy the Seal, Shelly the Sea Turtle, and Stephen Seagull in their journey to stand up against ocean plastic pollution. Learn what you can do to help save marine life and keep plastics out of the oceans.

You can find Shore Buddies on the Shore Buddies website and on Amazon.

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