What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle

What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle

It is well known that kids love music! I remember singing with my boys while in the car. Keep reading to see why I think the What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle is a great gift for any occasion.

What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle

What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle

I love singing along with my boys. The older two don’t do it much anymore but my youngest and I sing along with the radio almost daily. If music is a part of your life then you’ll love the What Makes Me Special Delux gift bundle.

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I want you to meet Miss Hilary Please, the songstress that’s a kid’s magical musical friend, who is always there to lend a smile, encouragement, and support. The heartwarming brand featuring Hilary James is a cheerful accompaniment to playtime and creativity (think Disney quality music and vocals!). Her inclusive music and stories fuel the power of imagination for Pre-K and kindergarten children.

What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle

She offers an Easter basket-ready bundle featuring 2 of her CDs, The What Makes Me Special Hardcover Book, and a handmade Miss Hilary Please doll Music is also available on Apple Music, Spotify, and many more!

Songs By Miss Hilary Please & The Flying Trapeze Set the Stage for Imagination, Inspiration, and Encouragement

Playtime for toddlers and Kindergarten-bound children has hit a new musical note that’s perfect for spring! 

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Miss Hilary Please, along with The Flying Trapeze Band, is a fun, magical, and lively group who spark imagination with music, composing the latest must-have children’s songs that have all of us tapping our toes and singing along.

It’s not surprising looking at Hilary James’ background to realize she was born with music in her heart, and an impressive musical, theatrical legacy she now joyfully shares with others.

The daughter of Grammy award-winning jazz legend Bob James, and singer-actress Judy James, Hilary is a star performer in her own right, having spent over 25 years as an actress, singer-songwriter, and recording artist. Along with her accomplished husband, composer Kevin DiSimone, the duo has created a vehicle to bring their musical talents to children at a perfect age to be influenced, inspired, and moved by the beauty of the song.

Hilary’s Godfather, Tony Award-winning Broadway Director Jack O’Brien, is the inspiration behind the character of Miss Hilary Please as he used to delight her imagination with magical bedtime stories of a made-up character of the same name.

Studies show that introducing music early on to children has enormous life-long benefits and positive effects on cognitive development. As a teaching artist with The Artful Living and Learning Program, Hilary incorporated her original music into lessons for kids to enjoy expressive playtime. It set the stage for them to feel confident, creative, and compassionate. This led to the creation of her first compilation of music for children, What Makes Me Special.

What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle

Hilary’s outstanding vocals and Kevin’s whimsical compositions are showcased in two brilliant CDs, with her dad, Bob, joining in on a few tunes. A Miss Hilary Please Doll is also available that will be a child’s best buddy when listening to the music.

The What Makes Me Special book adds to the fun, with Miss Hilary Please arriving at The Sunnyside School and enchanting students with a surprising, heartfelt discovery!

Everything feels better for kids when you set it to music! The music and gift set is a must for Easter baskets, daycares, and classroom fun. Miss Hilary Please magically brings the concert to kids with clever lyrics you can’t help but sing along with in harmony.

Check out the fun and get ready to watch the excitement in young kids, highlighting how each child is special in their own way. Miss Hilary Please says, “What makes us special is what makes us shine!”

The What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle

Any child will delight in this charming gift set complete with:

A sustainably handmade Miss Hilary Please Doll, 12” tall with bendable legs.

The “What Makes Me Special” Deluxe Hardcover Book with dust jacket – includes a free audio link of Miss Hilary Please narrating the story and singing the title song!

The What Makes Me Special Music CD, with 18 whimsical, original songs with clever lyrics and transporting orchestrations to get your little ones up on their feet and singing along!

The Share a Smile Music CD, with 18 more fun and engaging original songs that encourage expressive play through imagination.

Both CDs are great for playing in the car or classroom!

Enjoy discovering more about Miss Hilary Please and The Flying Trapeze in this video below.

What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle

About Miss Hilary Please

The musical talents of Miss Hilary Please and The Flying Trapeze build self-esteem, encourage expressive play through imagination, teach compassion and kindness, and showcase the potential of every child. The songs are perfect for daycares, classrooms, and home enjoyment, creating moments of delight that spark a child’s creativity and shine a light on what makes them unique. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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