Hoppy Easter with Tamagotchi

Hoppy Easter with Tamagotchi

I remember having several Tamagotchi growing up. Are you ready to have a Hoppy Easter with Tamagotchi? If so keep reading to find out more about it.

Hoppy Easter with Tamagotchi

Hoppy Easter with Tamagotchi

Caring for my Tamagotchi back when I was little was so much fun. I remember taking it everywhere so I could always care for it. I had so much fun that of course, I had to share my love for Tamagotchi with my boys. And like I had imagined it was a hit!

This Easter, why not celebrate with some eggs you’ll really want to keep around? Tamagotchi has got you covered with an EGG-stra special package that will have you smiling from bunny ear to bunny ear! Spring into the new season with the Tamagotchi Pix (Floral, Sky, Ocean, or Nature) and Star Wars™ R2-D2™ Tamagotchi (Classic White or Hologram)!

Tamagotchi Pix

Tamagotchi Pix

Tamagotchi Pix features a built-in camera for the FIRST TIME, which allows you to do more than nurture your virtual pet. You can now also create with your character and personalize your Tamagotchi experience. How you raise your Tamagotchi character affects gameplay by dictating their future profession in Tamagotchi Planet. Connect to your friend’s device to go on playdates, exchange gifts and explore together. With 17 various games, you can earn Gotchi points or keep your character happy!

Hoppy Easter with Tamagotchi

This one was a favorite with my teen, he loved being able to create his character. And is having lots of fun caring for it. It’s incredible how you can cook and take pictures with the Tamagotchi Pix. It brings having fun with and caring for your Tamagotchi to another level.

Tamagotchi R2-D2

Star Wars™ R2-D2™ Tamagotchi

The Star Wars™ R2-D2™ – Tamagotchi brings one of Star Wars’ most iconic characters to the palm of your hand. You can train R2-D2 to master 19 skills, take care of him by keeping him charged and clean, and play 2 exciting mini-games with 7 more to unlock!

Hoppy Easter with Tamagotchi

This Tamagotchi was a hit with all three of my boys since they are all like me Star Wars fans. We all take turns caring for R2-D2. And we especially like the mini-games and training R2-D2. I like that we are sharing and playing together. Although this Easter my boys will each get their own.

Visit the Tamagotchi Store on Amazon & have a Hoppy Easter with Tamagotchi!

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