It’s Just a Bunnypalooza ~ Book Feature

It's Just a Bunnypalooza ~ Book Feature #MySillyLittleGang

I love adding books to my boys’ Easter baskets. If you do that for your kiddos too, check out It’s Just a Bunnypalooza! This book is a perfect one to add. Keep reading to find out more about this fun book!

It's Just a Bunnypalooza ~ Book Feature #MySillyLittleGang

It’s Just a Bunnypalooza by Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco

Just in time for Easter season, It’s Just A Bunnypalooza, from the award-winning team of Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco, hops its way into the hearts of young audiences with a playful tale about the power of imagination and living out loud. A precocious redhead named Lizzy (from the It’s Just So… series and Now What?) is joined by 106 bunnies that breakdance, jump-jive, and toe-tap their way across the pages to remind her to embrace her gifts and be her unique self.

Bunnies Spring Into Action to Boost Little Girl’s Confidence in Tender Children’s Tale

A colony of cottontails breakdance, bebop, and hip hop their way across the pages of It’s Just a Bunnypalooza to teach lovable protagonist Lizzy some new dance moves just in time for the school talent show.

It’s Just a Bunnypalooza is the third book in the It’s Just So… series from the award-winning team of Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco. As with all “Lizzy” books, (including the recent, fun-filled romp, Now What?It’s Just a Bunnypalooza springs to life with adventure-in-rhyme, fantastical humor, and playful made-up words that pop into Lizzy’s mind.

It's Just a Bunnypalooza ~ Book Feature #MySillyLittleGang

When the contagiously enthusiastic Lizzy tells her classmates that she’s learning jump-jivin’ moves from bunnies, the children giggle at her overactive imagination. Feeling embarrassed and self-conscious, Lizzy decides she no longer wants to be laughed at.

Lizzy becomes an avid “non-believer” and ceases any further communication with animals. Naturally, the bunnies organize an intervention. These furry little creatures will not allow Lizzy’s fandango to falter, and they sure don’t want to lose a good friend.

Written with young children ages 4 to 8 in mind, It’s Just a Bunnypalooza provides multiple social-emotional-learning moments with subtle yet effective messaging about living out loud and staying true to yourself.

It’s Just a Bunnypalooza has been praised by Kirkus Reviews as “Infectiously enthusiastic about dance and imagination. The bouncy, vibrant verbs make this an excellent read-aloud tale … full-color, whimsical illustrations nicely capture the story’s kinetic joy.”

It’s Just a Bunnypalooza is available on Amazon and your favorite bookseller.

About the Author

Brenda Faatz has an undeniable connection with children. Some say it’s because they instinctively know “one of their own.” A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Musical Theatre, Brenda is a professional singer, dancer, actor, writer, and director. Having established herself on stages from Minneapolis to Aspen, Boulder, and Denver, Brenda has turned her talents to creating fresh content for youngsters. She has penned music, lyrics, and scripts for original musical theatre works for children and is the founder and director of the Notable Kids Arts Center in Denver. While collaborating with her husband and illustrator Peter Trimarco, Brenda has authored the award-winning It’s Just So … children’s book series.

About the Author

Peter Trimarco started his professional doodling career as an editorial cartoonist before turning to commercial art and designing packaging for both the film and music industries. Along the way, he also established himself on the business side of music as an executive producer and creative director on over 40 productions, with two going on to garner Grammy nominations. Currently focusing on children’s book publishing, he is on the Board of IBPA and is serving as President of the CIPA Education and Literacy Foundation in Colorado. In addition to designing album covers and book covers, he is the illustrator of Ella McBella In The Dark by Laura Pells, and the It’s Just So … book series.

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