Wonderful Halos Valentine Critters DIY

Wonderful Halos Valentine Critters DIY #MySillyLittleGang

We love Wonderful Halos and have them as often as we can! When it comes to citrus Wonderful Halos are a must in our home. My boys love how easy they are to peel! And of course, they are perfect for adorable crafts. Check out this year’s craft Wonderful Halos Valentine Critters below. Once you’re done why not try last year’s Love Bugs craft.

Wonderful Halos Valentine Critters DIY #MySillyLittleGang

Wonderful Halos Valentine Critters DIY

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Wonderful Halos before so I was excited to work with them again on these Wonderful Halos Valentine Critters. I received everything I needed to create and share this adorable craft with you. Let’s get started.

Wonderful Halos Valentine Critters DIY #MySillyLittleGang

All the parts of these Halos Valentine critters are made out of heart shapes in different sizes! And were created by Jodie Levine. TIP: If the adhesive dots aren’t sticking to the mandarins, wash them with soapy water and dry them off very well before adhering anything to them.


Halos mandarins
Colored, white, and black heavy paper or cardstock
Hole punch
Glue stick
Black marker
Adhesive dots


Cut out a large heart for each face, about 5 to 6” across.

-Tip- To cut symmetrical hearts, you can fold the paper in half and cut half a heart
along the fold.

Make eyes and a nose by punching two white holes and using the marker to make black
dots in the centers. Cut or punch out a black dot for the nose.

-Tip- You can trace a dime to get a perfect circle!

Bear: Cut a pair of small hearts for the ears. Turn a large heart upside down and use the
glue stick to adhere the small hearts upside-down behind the face. Glue on the eyes.

Fox: Cut a pair of small orange hearts for the ears. Cut a set of even smaller white
hearts for the fur inside the ears. Cut out a medium white heart and then cut it in half for
the cheek fur. Glue the orange ears behind the large heart face, pointy side up. Glue the
smaller white hearts on top of the ears. Glue on the eyes. Glue the medium white heart
halves on the cheeks, leaving room for the mandarin snout

Wonderful Halos Valentine Critters DIY #MySillyLittleGang

Puppy: Make ears by cutting a pair of small hearts with long lobes. Turn a large face
heart upside down and glue half of each ear heart behind it. Cut a long skinny red heart
for the tongue and glue the pointy end to the back of the face. Glue on the eyes.

Use a couple of adhesive dots to adhere a mandarin “snout” to each animal by cutting
out a small circle with the black paper. Add another adhesive dot on top and press on
the black dot nose.

Wonderful Halos are an excellent source of Vitamin C. One serving (two medium mandarins) contains 50% of the recommended daily value. Halos are also a great source of fiber and provide a natural energy boost.

Now that you know how to make these adorable Wonderful Halos Valentine Critters, who will you make them for?

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