This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal

This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal ~ Book Review #MySillyLittleGang

A new journal companion to #1 NY Times Bestseller This Book Is Anti-Racist! Long-time champions for anti-racism, both the author and illustrator have been thought-leaders in the global discussion on anti-racism and have taken part in countless digital events to provide everyone, especially young readers, with ways to combat racism and create a community that honors everyone.

This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal ~ Book Review #MySillyLittleGang

This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal ~ Book Review

During these past months many parents, educators, and caregivers are looking for ways to discuss white supremacy with their kids and teens. In 2020 over 150,000 of you bought a copy of This Book Is Anti-Racist and started your anti-racist journey. In July 2020, This Book Is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewell debuted at the #1 position on the New York Times bestseller list in the young adult paperback monthly category and at #1 in the US Independent Bookseller bestseller list in the middle-grade category and remained in the top ten in the months following.

This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal ~ Book Review #MySillyLittleGang

I was really excited to get a chance to look at this new journal and see what it offers. This journal is absolutely amazing! I love how it included many places to add your thoughts, questions, ideas, images, etc. I know that most journals are like this but This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal offers so much more! It includes many topics that many may view as taboo, but that really need to be discussed. And it’s written in a way that tweens and teens can understand. This is definitely a journal that we recommend.

You can find both This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal and This Book Is Anti-Racist on Amazon.

This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal: Over 50 Activities to Help You Wake Up, Take Action, and Do The Work

In This Book Is Anti-Racist, Tiffany Jewell and Aurélia Durand gave us an essential volume to understand anti-racism. Now, in the journal companion, understand your anti-racist self and dive further into the work. Within the vibrantly illustrated pages, you will find some familiar information along with new reflections and prompts to go deeper.

This anti-racist toolkit gives you space to learn and grow through activities centered around identityhistoryfamilyyour universedisruptionself-careprivilegeartexpression, and much more, including:

● Create a map of you by drawing, collaging, sticking, and painting your many and favorite social and personal identities
● Discover how diverse your universe is by writing down the races and ethnicities of the people in your life
● Design your own buttons that share your beliefs, values, and what you stand for
● Write a letter to your future self to share your dreams and how you are growing into your anti-racism
● Make a plan and be ready for scenarios when you are confronted by racist comments, actions, and policies
● Brainstorm your anti-racist vision of what our communities will look like without racism and how we can get there

“Continue to stay awake, start taking action, and always lean into the work of disrupting racism. Together, we can abolish the system that continues to misuse and abuse power and collectively work for anti-racism.” —Tiffany Jewell

About the Author

Tiffany Jewell, the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller This Book Is Anti-Racist, is a Black biracial writer and Anti-Racist Montessori educator and consultant. She spends her time baking bread and macarons, building LEGOS, watching British detective shows, and dreaming up how she can dismantle white supremacy. Tiffany currently lives in Western Massachusetts (on the occupied land of the Wabanaki and the Nipmuck) with her two young activists, her partner, and a turtle she’s had since she was nine. Find her on Instagram: @tiffanymjewell.

Aurélia Durand is a French graphic artist. Her work, which includes the illustrations for the #1 New York Times bestseller This Book Is Anti-Racist, is a vivid celebration of diversity; she dedicates her artistic voice to matters involving representation. Aurélia represents Afro-descendants as joyful, proud, and empowered — a united community whose destinies are intertwined. These colorful personalities present the unified voice of a global community whose hopes, dreams, and desires envision an inclusive future for all. Her work has been featured in advertising campaigns, galleries, and editorial magazines; her clients include Nike, The New Yorker, Facebook, and more. Find her on Instagram: @4ur3lia.

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