Crossed Up by ML Rosynek ~ Book Review #KidLit #BooksForKids @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

Crossed Up by ML Rosynek ~ Book Review #KidLit #BooksForKids @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

Have you ever thought that basketball and pirates could be great together? In Crossed Up by ML Rosynek you get that and more. Keep reading to see what we thought of this book.

Crossed Up by ML Rosynek ~ Book Review #KidLit #BooksForKids @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

Crossed Up by ML Rosynek ~ Book Review

I have two boys in middle school who luckily love to read. One of them loves sports and the other really likes books with pirate adventures. Which is why they were both excited about getting to read Crossed Up.

Both of my boys found it an enjoyable quick read. They were quickly immersed in the story and both found it hard to put down until the end.

Aaron really liked that the adventure happens to a school basketball team. Since he plays school sports, he found the characters easy to relate to.

Diego who’s the oldest really liked the mystery in this adventure and has already recommended Crossed Up to several of his friends. This story is great for a young audience, especially middle-grade boys.

Crossed Up is available on Amazon and your favorite bookstore.

Crossed Up by ML Rosynek ~ Book Review #KidLit #BooksForKids @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

About Crossed Up

Basketball is a way of life for this Texas team, but they soon discover that they might be encountering much more than just a fast break. Magic, mayhem, an angry pirate, and elements from the past help unite two worlds. Despite impending danger, this group of boys manage to maintain an unbreakable bond which demonstrates what the true meaning of “team” really is. Loyalty, brotherhood and a surprise visit from one of the NBA’s all-time greats become the backdrop for solving a century old mystery set along a hazy Galveston coast….

About ML Rosynek

​Ms. Rosynek is a former television reporter and was a member of Texas A&M track team. She is a mother of three boys who all actively participate in sports. Like so many others, she is a firm believer in the positive impact of athletics and being a part of a team. She feels that the discipline and friendships last much longer than a single season.

​Rosynek and her sons all share a great affinity for mysteries as well as great competitions.

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  1. Tamra Phelps

    This sounds like a really fun book. I think it would get boys to be interested in reading, especially.

  2. nurselinda101

    I do everything I can to encourage my grandchildren to read. Part of that is finding great and interesting books to read. This sounds great. Thank you so much for sharing


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