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Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes

We think GIANTmicrobes are super adorable. Keep reading to see which ones I think are valentine perfect GIANTmicrobes!

Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes

Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes!

Review disclosure: Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes

We were first introduced to GIANTmicrobes back in 2017 and have been GIANT fans ever since. Pun totally intended. 🙂 GIANTmicrobes are plush, personified renditions of microscopic critters. Plus these plush toys are so cute, it’s hard not to love them.

We recently received three GIANTmicrobes products that would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. So of course I have to show them to you! Aside from the three I received I will also be sharing my favorite gifts this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s start with the ones I received…

Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes

Cupid’s Heart

This has got to be the cutest heart I have ever seen. It’s about the size of a softball and super soft. It is a bright red color, has all four chambers, and a little arrow growing through it. It truly is super cute!

Cupid, draw back your bow. And let your arrow flow. Straight to my lover’s heart for me. Yeah, Cupid’s Heart. Oh, Cupid’s Heart. Mm mm, Cupid’s Heart!

We promise our Cupid’s Heart will never fail to bring joy and affection! Includes To/From gift tags!

Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes

Heartfelt Box

If you’ve ever wanted to give your heart to someone, here’s the perfect way to do that. In this box there was a life size heart that lights up and has a little heartbeat sound. There’s also a mini heart key chain. Both are absolutely adorable!

How much do I love thee? How about 2.5 billion heartbeats! Your heart is only 10 ounces, but it’s a real powerhouse.

Get your heart pounding and your love spreading with this special edition box that includes a life-size beating Heart and a mini Heart key chain! Original size Heart includes heartbeat sound inside!

The large heart also has a card on it that has it’s name, a picture of the real thing, and facts about it.

Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes

Heart Warming Mini Microbe Box

This gift box has 5 adorable plushies inside. It’s a heart shaped box that makes a great gift for your valentine. Inside the box you’ll find: a lilac Kissing Disease with puckered lips, a white Sperm Cell with a baby blue rattle on it, a white Egg Cell with hearts and a bow, a blue Penicillin with pink pom poms, and a cute pink Pink Amoeba with a rose.

Share the love and laughter of GIANTmicrobes with our heart boxes!

Here are other ones I like…

Animal & Plant Cells Color Earrings: Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes
Photo credit:

Animal & Plant Cells Color Earrings

Fun, original designs created with science and nature as a source of inspiration! These earrings are made out of cereal box paperboard with laminated front and custom die-cuts. Recycled materials.

Blind Date: Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes

Photo credit:

Blind Date

Are you a fan of this modern institution of mismating? Well, ease your fear of meeting an odorous, pimply freak with this hilarious gift box collection. Don’t go home with a date who infects you with weirdness; just come home to GIANTmicrobes and fall in love with these charming, cuddly microorganisms!

Blind Date themed gift box includes these mini microbes: Kissing Disease, Pimple, Cold Sore, Diarrhea, and Bad Breath.

Tainted Love: Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes

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Tainted Love

Do you sometimes feel you’ve got to run away from the pain? Does the love you share seem to go nowhere? Lost your light tossing and turning at night? These Tainted Love microbes may take your tears and that’s not nearly all! They’ll brighten your day if any tainted love does come your way.

Tainted Love themed gift box includes these mini microbes: Herpes, Chlamydia, The Clap, HPV, and Syphilis. 

Valentine Perfect GIANTmicrobes

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  1. nurselinda101

    These are so cute. What a great gift idea. Thank you so much for sharing these

  2. Tamra Phelps

    Oh, my goodness, lol. Tainted Love might be just the thing for an ex!! These are too cute.

  3. larescoe

    These are so cute!! I definitely think this would be a great Valentines Day gift for a student or nurse, or really anyone that is into this! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  4. ouachitadawn

    🤣Tainted love😂😆😆


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