Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy @bullsitoy @SMGurusNetwork

Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy

Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy

Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy

Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy

Like many kids my boys love opening their Christmas presents. But the thing they love the most is opening the gifts inside their stockings. This is why I love picking out toys that I know they will love as stocking stuffers.

This year I got a lot of help from Bullsitoy.  They are a brand that offers a variety of items that I think fit perfectly in stockings. Plus many of their items would appeal to kids (and some adults) across a wide range of ages.

Let’s dive right in so I can show you what my boys will be getting in their stocking this year.
Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy

Brainstem Galaxy Goo

Slime and goo is all the rage in this house. My boys have even made their own. However nothing beats Brainstem’s Galaxy Goo. About a month ago my son tried out his friend’s Galaxy Goo and loved it! He’s been asking for it ever since. All my boys are going to be excited to find their own planet in their stockings!

Galaxy Goo is a fun way to learn about the solar system without a telescope. Each box comes with its own unique colored space goo, premium collector card with planetary facts and a display case.

Are you a budding genius who wants to hold the galaxy in the palm of your hand? Then this Brainstem Galaxy Goo is for you! There are 9 different goo’s to collect. Kids and kids-at-heart will surely love it!

You can find Galaxy Goo at Target, JC Penny, and Amazon.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy


All of my boys love brain teasers, so I know they will absolutely love CUB3D BLOCK2BOT. This is a wooden cube that can be transformed into a robot. One of the great things this has is that once you figure out how to transform the block, you can pose the robot in tons of positions! There are three different versions/colors of this cool toy.

Twist and lock from Block 2 Bot to create your very own figure or design! Join the BLOCK party and collect all 3!

You can find the CUB3D BLOCK2BOT at Target.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy

Boxy Bot

What a great little bot! My boys are going to love the Boxy Bot for sure.

BE A GEARHEAD! Boxy Bot is an electronic companion for the budding engineer. Each Boxy Bot is named after one of history’s greatest scientists. Look inside for your Boxy Bot blueprint which includes the name of your Bot along with scientific fun facts! Boxy Bots come in red, blue, green and white. They are fully posable, and have 11 points of articulation, plus a diecast metal body and touch sensor! Press for authentic robot sounds and lights!

You can find the Boxy Bot at Target.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy


All my boys are big dinosaur fans, this one will be a big hit for sure. Skele-Tube is a long but skinny tube so it will fit nicely in stockings. If your kids are anything like mine they will enjoy piecing the skeletons together like a puzzle. Plus each tube includes a fact sheet to teach you some interesting stuff about the animal you’re building.

Through our Brainstem products, Bulls i Toy aims to inspire children to think creatively, indulge in curiosity and acquire knowledge through play. Skele-Tubes contain one of six different dinosaur skeletons, each from a different extinct animal. Have a blast building your skeleton and be sure to check out your creature’s fun fact sheet included inside the tube! Collect all 6!

You can find Skele-Tube at Target and Amazon.

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Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Bullsitoy

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  1. ncjeepster

    Great ideas, thank you so much. I can get a few of these and I will be set.

  2. Lauryn R

    These are definitely great stocking stuffer ideas, my kids would love them all! My son asked for a robot this year too, Boxy Bot would be perfect!

  3. Debbie P

    These are fantastic stocking stuffers. I am totally going to get the Galaxy Goo for several kids that I need to buy for. Thanks.

  4. MD Kennedy

    I love the Skele-Tube. Just ordered a few for the boys’ stockings!


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