Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions @PlayVisions @SMGurusNetwork

Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions

Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions.Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions

We love having nights where we play together. Many of our friends do the same thing. That’s why when we give their kids gifts we like them to be ones that the whole family can enjoy.

Here is a list of fun Play Visions products we love and you might too.

The Holiday season is just around the corner, and we want to help you celebrate with awesome new gift ideas for the whole family! From cute stocking stuffers, the latest in robot technology and even indoor snow, Play Visions has got you covered!

Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions

Crayola Slyme

Crayola’s New SLYME tubs are fun for the whole family. Each pack has 6 tubs of different colored slime. Each Tub is 4 ounces. Stretch, squeeze, mold and twist slime as much as you can!

6 Tubs Of SLYME – 4 Ounce Containers.
Containers Are Air Tight To Make Sure Slime Doesn’t Dry Out.
Stress Relief – Perfect For Adults To Help With Concentration, Relieve Stress By Stretching And Pulling The Slime.
Designed For Children 3 Years And Older.

You can find Crayola Slyme at Amazon.

Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions

Xtrem Bots – Smart Bot Robot

This Smart Action Robot Toy has many amazing features that any kid will absolutely love. Use the remote control to utilize 50 programmable actions from your smart bot. This robot will do everything from dancing to a plethora of different motions. However, the remote is not the only way to activate this robot. Infra-red transmitters activate so that you can use hand gestures to control your robot and the hi-tech bot can understand you! This 10″ tall robot can make different facial expressions and also makes different sounds to make for a more realistic and interactive play time experience. You don’t need batteries to get your bot started – just charge it up with it’s USB charging cord – For ages 5+

50 Programmable Mode Actions Always Keep Things Interesting
Standing At 10″ Tall This Toy Even Makes Different Robot Tech Sounds
Control With Remote Or Hi-Tech Infra-Red Transmitters That Detect Gestures
Charge Up By USB – Meaning No Batteries Required
Smart Bot Makes All Different Facial Expressions, Making For A More Interactive Play Time

You can find the Xtrem Bots – Smart Bot Robot at Amazon.

Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions

Snowtime Anytime

Snowtime Anytime 30 snowball pack in a carrying case with handle includes: 30 snowballs approximately 3\” in diameter, Carrying case with handles, List with most popular games. Snowtime Anytime is about fun and exercise! Laughing and having a good time. Bringing back childhood memories for the older ones. Fun, new memories for the younger ones. Interacting with one another. Exercising! Stretch, move, bend, squat, stoop, jump, duck and dodge, laugh and enjoy and using your imagination! And adults, parents, grandparents, if you don’t believe us, go ahead, get in that snowball fight with them, see how you feel after 15 minutes. Total workout! Happy snowballing!! Have a great time with family and friends, order yours today.

Brand New Indoor Snowball Fight, Hours Of Fun!
Safe Anywhere, Kids and Adults LOVE Them!
Many Games In One, Exercise and Laugh Non-Stop!
Feels Like Snow, Made Out Of Soft Material, No Mess, No Slush
The Original and Authentic Patent Protected. About 3″ in Diameter

You can find the Xtrem Bots – Smart Bot Robot at Amazon.

Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions

Bag O’ Dirt – Unique Play Dirt

Bag O’ Dirt looks and feels exactly like real dirt without getting stuck under your nails, staining your skin, or damaging clothing! It is transportable and easy to clean. It is mold-able, pliable, soft and smooth. Provides hours of fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. It is the “Cleanest Dirt on Planet Earth!” Designed for Children Ages 3 and Up.

Indoor Dirt that is Easy to Mold with Easy Clean up and Can be Used Over and Over again.
Bury, Dig, and Make Tracks using Included Rake, Round Shovel, and Square Shovel.
Shape Dirt To Form Different and Unique Shapes and Patterns Indoors.
Safe and Non-Toxic Formula. Made from All Natural Materials. Cleanest Dirt that is Mess and Germ Free.

You can find Bag O’ Dirt at Amazon.

Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions

Sands Alive!

Sands Alive! is one of the most unique and creativity-driven toys available today. But it’s hard to call it a toy; Sands Alive! defies easy definition, functioning as a fun play-time activity, a source of stress relief, and even a tactile medium of creative expression, so that nearly anyone can use and deeply enjoy the product.

It’s a very simple concept, and one you’ve probably seen or heard of before – moldable, shapeable, self-adhesive sand. However, Sands Alive! uses a special formula that makes their kinetic sand ultra-soft, and so fun to play with that you’ll have a hard time putting it down. Sands Alive! is safe and non-toxic, resistant to bacterial growth, easy to clean up, and highly reusable, with each sand set slated to last about 2 years with heavy use.

Use traiditonal beach sand-molds to make perfectly molded castles, make imprints of household objects by molding their shape into the sand, and create your own structures, taking advantage of the sand’s incredible malleability. Makes a great gift for young and old alike! Kit includes 1 pound of Sands Alive sand.

You can find Sands Alive! at Amazon.

Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions


An amazing compound that feels lighter than air! Super moldable, super soft! You’ll get amazing details when you shape it with any of our tools, or make your own creations using just your hands. One things for sure – once you feel it, you won’t want to put it down! New for 2018 is the Floof Dino Babies Set.

You can find Floof atAmazon.

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Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions

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  1. Edna Williams

    Okay! I would love the toys for my grandchildren! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lauryn R

    These are some awesome toys, a lot of them I have never heard of! We don’t get snow very often (it’s been 4 years) so the Snowtime Anytime is perfect! My kids are going to love it, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Debbie P

    You have some really cool gift ideas here. I love the Slyme and the Bag O dirt.

  4. nancy j burgess

    My granddaughter would love Sands alive .

  5. June S.

    (Gifts For The Whole Family From Play Visions @PlayVisions @SMGurusNetwork) Li know that my grandson would really enjoy playing with this; Xtrem Bots – Smart Bot Robot.

  6. MD Kennedy

    I would so love to play with the Floof! And the molds are so cute!

  7. Tamra Phelps

    Okay, Crayola Slyme is something I need to see, lol. That will be on my buy it list.


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