Great Outdoor Toys From Antsy Pants @antsypantsplay

Great Outdoor Toys From Antsy Pants

Great Outdoor Toys From Antsy Pants

Great Outdoor Toys From Antsy Pants

I can’t wait for the weather to get warm. Don’t get me wrong I like cold weather but I have lots more fun in the warmer weather! I love it because we get to be outside in the back yard, at the park, the lake, the beach, you get the idea! So when I was asked to check out Antsy Pants new line of outdoor toys I just had to say yes.

Antsy Pants’ new line of outdoor toys include, sand toys and kites that will get you and your little ones ready for Spring and Summer. These vivid and adorable kites and sand bucket sets will keep children immersed in imaginative play, while also keeping them moving. Kids will be able to soar high in the sky with bright and colorful Antsy Pants kites and build big with new Antsy Pants Sand bucket sets and tools. No limits, no boundaries – just play!

Great Outdoor Toys From Antsy Pants

15 Piece Bucket Set

One of the things we received from Antsy Pants was this great 15 piece bucket set. We absolutely loved all the sand toys in this set! The colors are amazing and fun, and the quality is great. They are nice and sturdy, which is exactly what you want in sand toys.

Great Outdoor Toys From Antsy Pants

Get sandy! Build the ultimate sand castle with the Antsy Pants 15 Piece Sand Toy Set. Featuring 9″ bucket with sieve lid, bucket, 3 castle molds, 2 shovels, sieve, 1 rakes, 1 shovel, 3 small sand molds, and a mini-submarine toy the Antsy Pants 15 Piece Sand Toy Set pairs perfectly with all Antsy Pants Sand Toys.

This set is a Antsy Pants Target Exclusive and available only at Target.

Great Outdoor Toys From Antsy Pants

Hot Air Balloon Kite

We love flying kites, and during the summer we take them everywhere with us. You just never know when the wind will be perfect for kite flying, so it’s best to have them along all the time. This hot air balloon kite came folded up in a resealable (Velcro closure) package, and included it’s handle and string. The quality is amazing, well put together and a great size for flying! I was so amazed at how big it was when I took it out of the package. The tail of the kite is nice and long, which we all know is a must have in a kite.

Great Outdoor Toys From Antsy Pants

Who said the sky’s the limit? Take your fun to new heights by floating through the breeze and swaying in the wind with the Antsy Pants Balloon Kite. This kite measures 28 inch (71 cm) height, and comes with 196 ft (60 cm) of line.

This is also a Target exclusive which you can purchase here.

These are two amazing products that we received and I know that we will really enjoy this spring and summer! But these are not the only toys they offer. Check them out so see all their great products!

Great Outdoor Toys From Antsy Pants

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  1. larescoe

    My kids would love these Antsy Pants kits, how fun! I am definitely going to have to get some for summertime. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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