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Bailey's Caramel Cappuccino Review

Bailey’s Caramel Cappuccino Review

I love cappuccino! There is something absolutely delicious about a hot, creamy, and frothy drink. Not to mention that the my very first encounter with coffee was a cappuccino. I have loved coffee ever since. I tend to stick with regular home brewed coffee. Being a busy mom I don’t always have the time to go to the coffeehouse to get a cappuccino. If you’re a busy parent you understand what I mean. That’s why when I found out about Bailey’s Caramel Cappuccino I was ecstatic!

In two easy steps I can have a creamy, smooth tasting, and frothy cappuccino anytime. Best of all is I can have this all from the comfort of my home.

Bailey's Caramel Cappuccino Review

The instruction is right on the box, and they are super easy. Inside the box I found 6 frothing packets and 6 single serve cups that are Keurig compatible, including the 2.0 brewers.

Bailey's Caramel Cappuccino Review

I also really like that the box has a nice opening that helps me keep everything together. Plus it makes dispensing everything really easy.

Bailey's Caramel Cappuccino Review

See what I mean. I have placed it on the counter, right next to my brewer. Which makes it so convenient, and I’m having at least one daily. I don’t even need to keep flipping the box over when I make it because the instructions are right on the frothing packets.

Bailey's Caramel Cappuccino Review

It’s great that the instructions are there because sometimes my husband makes it. I make one so often that I don’t need them anymore because it really is so easy to make. All I do is place the frothing milk into whatever mug I want to use. Then I brew the single serve cup over the frothing milk in the 6 oz setting and then stir it until the powder is dissolved. Then I just wait for 15 seconds to get all the frothy goodness.

Bailey's Caramel Cappuccino Review

See how easy that is! I absolutely love how you get the amazing scent of caramel when it’s brewing. Then when you go to drink it you get the frothiness, followed by that bold cappuccino flavor with a hint of caramel. I am in total love with it, if you want to see my first reaction as well as my mom’s check out our unboxing video here.

If you love cappuccino’s you will really enjoy Bailey’s Caramel Cappuccino! I can’t wait to try their other flavors: French vanilla, Mint Chocolate and Irish Cream Cappuccino.

You can get Bailey’s Caramel Cappuccino on Amazon.


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Bailey's Caramel Cappuccino Review

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