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If Picasso Painted a Snowman Book Review

If Picasso Painted a Snowman Book Review

I like to share my passions with my boys. You may already know that I love to read, but you may not know that I love art as well. There are days when I go by myself to the art museum and take everything in. During school vacations I like to take my boys to the art museum with me. We enjoy looking at all the different painting techniques, and styles.

Recently Tilbury House Publishers sent us a copy of the book If Picasso Painted a Snowman. This book has quickly become a favorite of ours. In this book you will what a snowman might look like painted by several different artists. I really like that the illustrations are definitely done in the style of the artists. Thirteen famous artists are portrayed with their possible rendition of a snowman. Children get to learn about each of these painters by reading their short bios featured at the back of the book.

This book is great to learn about art but it also teaches that it’s okay to be different. It also encourages kids to embrace their individuality and uniqueness of the world we live in. If you have a child who loves to draw, or shows an interest in art or famous painters, then you will definitely want to share this book with them.

Book Description

“If someone asked you to paint a snowman, you would probably start with three white circles stacked one upon another. Then you would add black dots for eyes, an orange triangle for a nose, and a black dotted smile. But if Picasso painted a snowman….”

From that simple premise flows this delightful, whimsical, educational picture book that shows how the artist’s imagination can summon magic from a prosaic subject. Greg Newbold’s chameleon-like artistry shows us Roy Lichtenstein’s snow hero saving the day, Georgia O’Keefe’s snowman blooming in the desert, Claude Monet’s snowmen among haystacks, Grant Wood’s American Gothic snowman, Jackson Pollock’s snowman in ten thousand splats, Salvador Dali’s snowmen dripping like melty cheese, and snowmen as they might have been rendered by J. M. W. Turner, Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee, Marc Chagall, Georges Seurat, Pablita Velarde, Piet Mondrian, Sonia Delaunay, Jacob Lawrence, and Vincent van Gogh. Our guide for this tour is a lively hamster who?also chameleon-like?sports a Dali mustache on one spread, a Van Gogh ear bandage on the next.

“What would your snowman look like?” the book asks, and then offers a page with a picture frame for a child to fill in. Backmatter thumbnail biographies of the artists complete this highly original tour of the creative imagination that will delight adults as well as children.

About The Authors

AMY NEWBOLD conceived this book while visiting the Musée Picasso in Paris. If she were to draw a snowman, she would probably start with three white circles stacked one upon another…or maybe just two.

Award-winning illustrator GREG NEWBOLD grew up drawing superheroes and Dr. Seuss characters on giant rolls of newsprint in his childhood basement. He once copied a Vincent van Gogh painting for his college art history class instead of writing a paper. Greg has created work for clients such as Kleenex, Fedex, Heinz, Smucker’s, and American Express as well as illustrating a dozen books for children, including The Barnyard Night Before Christmas, The Touch of the Master’s Hand, Winter Lullaby, and Spring Song. Greg lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Amy.

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  1. Ann

    What an awesome idea for a book! I think that I’d enjoy reading this book and seeing the different snowmen, even though I’m a grown-up. 🙂

  2. courtafi2138

    This sounds like a super cool book!


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