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MemoVase Review

MemoVase Review ~ Holiday Gift Idea

I love having Friday flowers in my home. Because of this I have a nice collection of vases. But when I heard about the MemoVase from splash brands I was curious to see it for myself.

MemoVase is a heart-shaped ceramic flower vase with a detachable bamboo whiteboard. It was designed and is assembled right here in the USA. The vase is made from white ceramics and measures about 8″ in height. The whiteboard can be used with any standard whiteboard marker (one black marker is already included) and erased with a dry paper towel.

MemoVase Review ~ Holiday Gift Idea

I really liked the thickness of the vase and how adorable it is. It has a nice flat bottom so it doesn’t wobble. I also like that since it’s only white it can be used year round. This MemoVase is going to be the centerpiece on my dining room table. I always wake up earlier than my boys, so I can’t wait to write a daily message for them to see at breakfast.

Want to see more? Check out my MemoVase unboxing video to see what my first impression was.

You can get the adorable MemoVase on Amazon.


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Product Description

Perhaps the most unique flower vase on the market today. Our US-based development team spend over 3 years getting it just right: the design of the perfect heart-shape, the most suitable ceramic mix, the right feel of the magnets and the most sustainable materials.

Measuring a little over 8 inches in height and 9 inches in width, the Clever me® MemoVase is very transportable, easily fits on any tabletop and will hold most small/standard flower bouquets (long stems will need to be cut and large bouquets will not fit).

The whiteboard can be used over and over again. We have included one black marker, but feel free to add some color using any standard whiteboard marker. When the occasion is over, simply wipe the board clean with a dry paper towel and you are good to go for the next birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any “no-reason-just-because” surprise.

How would you like to win a MemoVase of your own? Simply click on the picture below to be taken to the giveaway page.

MemoVase Giveaway

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