The Evergreen Elf ~ Christmas Tree Water Monitor @myevergreenelf @SMGurusNetwork

The Evergreen Elf ~ Christmas Tree Water Monitor

The Evergreen Elf ~ Christmas Tree Water Monitor

We always have a live Christmas tree for the holidays. My husband loves that natural pine scent. I remember one year I tried to fake that scent with candles before we bought our tree, but it didn’t work. We still have an artificial tree in the boys’ bedroom. I can only deal with picking up pine needles from one room. 🙂 With owning a real tree we always worry about Christmas tree fires.

Christmas can be hectic, and it’s easy to forget to check whether the tree has enough water. A dry tree can put your home in danger. We’ve all heard unfortunate stories about Christmas tree fires. So to prevent any accidents, my husband and I check our tree’s water level daily.

It gets cold here in Massachusetts so we always crank our heat up. Raising the heat causes our tree’s water to evaporate quickly. Because of this I am always on my knees under the tree, sometimes pushing presents around to get a good view of the water level. Thanks to the Evergreen Elf I no longer have to do this!

The Evergreen Elf will be doing the job for me. That way I can focus on enjoying the season. This innovative monitor has both a visual and fun audio alert to let you know when the tree is dry.

The Evergreen Elf ~ Christmas Tree Water Monitor

I love that it says when the water level is low. If the water level is good then it will only flash green. If you want to see the Evergreen Elf in action take a look at my video here.

It has an adjustable sensor so it works with most available commercial tree stands. I really like that it comes with interchangeable batteries are designed to last the entire holiday season. Your tree stays not only safer, but also fresh-looking longer. I can’t wait to use my Evergreen Elf this holiday season.

The Evergreen Elf ~ Christmas Tree Water Monitor

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