Celebrate El Día de los Muertos With COCINA!

Celebrate El Día de los Muertos With Cocina

Celebrate El Día de los Muertos With COCINA!

Being hispanic I love recipes with a latin flair. I also love it when I find sites that share all sorts of latin recipes. When I do find these sites I like to share them with you. Today I received an email telling me about a site called COCINA, I took a look at it and I fell in love!

Looking at the site I found a recipe that I had been wanting for awhile now. That recipe is for Candied Calabaza, I remember my grandma used to make this for me on my birthday. My birthday is next week and I will have it again in her honor. 🙂

COCINA asked if I would share a few of their recipes with you, so if course I said yes! Here are the recipes for you:

Pitch Black Manhattan

Learn how to bring a little darkness to a classic cocktail.

Marigold-Shaped Sweet Potato Chips

Make these magical and fun sweet potato chips inspired by the marigold petals of a Día de los Muertos altar.

Frida-Inspired Skull Cupcakes

Learn how to make the perfect Frida-inspired cupcakes for your upcoming Día de Los Muertos celebration.

Mezcal Muertito

Learn how to make the delicious Mezcal concoction for your celebration.


We LOVE food and we are incredibly excited to bring you even more amazing recipes, riveting stories from Latin countries and culture, and highlight local chefs and personalities with contrasting backgrounds. Be sure to check out https://wearecocina.com/ for a year-round celebration of all things Latin-flavored, so pull up a chair, relax, and get ready for the first bite—the food is on us.

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  1. Tamra Phelps

    The Frida inspired cupcakes are really amazing. It does have her spirit!


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