Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review @CQResortMB @SMGurusNetwork

Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review ~ Part of the Exploring Myrtle Beach Series

At the beginning of the fall we were invited by Vacation Myrtle Beach to visit Myrtle Beach, SC and stay at the Captain’s Quarters Resort. This was our first visit to both places so I wanted to share our experience with you. Because there is so much to see and do, I decided to break our visit down into several posts. All the posts will be part of the Exploring Myrtle Beach series. This post is the first and will cover our stay at the Captain’s Quarters Resort.

When we arrived we were exhausted from the 13 hour long drive. Which is why we thought it would be a great day to just hang out at the resort. Our room was nice and big and had a really great view! The layout of the room was different than any other room we have ever stayed at. Right when we came into the room there was a bed with a tv and a door.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

This is a nice private bedroom. Then we walked into the kitchenette, where the door to the bathroom was located. The bathroom was nice and had a big tub, perfect for relaxing. It had double sinks and a hairdryer that was conveniently hung.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

In the main room was another bed, a table for eating, a tv, dresser, and a pull out sofa.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

There was also access to our balcony and a spectacular view of the ocean. We could also see the 150-foot outdoor Lazy River, one of the outdoor pools,
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

the kids’ water park Shipwreck Lagoon, and the Island Pool.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

Since we decided to just hang around the resort that day we chose to first head to the beach. We loved the beach, it was nice and relaxing. Best of all it was not over crowded.

Visiting Myrtle Beach in the fall the perfect time to visit!
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

As a sign of good times to come, I found this leaf in the shape of a heart right on the beach. So of course I had to take a picture of it and it’s currently my background and screensaver on my phone.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

Isn’t is beautiful? Since there was still plenty of sun after the beach the boys wanted to play at Shipwreck Lagoon. Captain’s Quarters Resort makes it easy to transition from beach to pool by having outdoor showers to quickly remove any sand.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

Pool side we enjoyed the Tipsy Turtle Pool Bar.

At the Tipsy Turtle Pool Bar they serve lots of goodies like yummy pizzas, and wraps. But Daddy and I really enjoyed the refreshing beverages they serve. This amenity makes it really easy to enjoy the ocean breezes, and some great food. One thing that really stood out were the friendly bartenders.

After enjoying a nice drink I headed back to the room to shower and relax but because of our view I grabbed some pictures of the boys playing in Shipwreck Lagoon. Sorry that they’re a little blurry but it’s because they’re zoomed in.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

As you can see it’s easy to have a blast and never even leave the resort!

The following day was raining so we went to Ripley’s Aquarium, and took advantage of the indoor pools and more available at the resort.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

The boys absolutely loved the 232-foot indoor lazy river, and the indoor pool which is heated to a comfortable 85 degrees. Daddy and I enjoyed one of the three indoor whirlpools. If you happen to have really little ones, you’ll be happy to know that indoor they also have the kiddie lazy river at just 1.5-feet deep, a 1.5 feet deep kiddie pool, and the outdoor Shipwreck Lagoon is also a depth of only 1.5 feet.

Great entertainment at the Level 6 Entertainment Center!

After playing in the pools and a nice hot shower we headed to the Level 6 Entertainment Center.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

We had an amazing time there, since there is so much to do and enjoy!
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

They have a pool table and video arcade games. We really liked that all arcade funds and tickets are kept on an arcade card. This way we didn’t have the need to deal with carrying around tickets or change for the games.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

Also inside the Level 6 Entertainment Center at Captain’s Quarters Resort is the Level 6 Bar. This bar offers drinks and great food like burgers,  wings, and pizza. Plus you can order it and they bring it directly to your bowling lane or you can have it at the bar.  The bowling center also inside the Level 6 Center offers 20-lanes of bowling with electronic scoring. For the kiddies they offer lane bumpers and bowling ramps. Daddy and I appreciated that the lane bumpers could be placed when the kids bowled and they automatically retracted for when daddy and I bowled. They played music and had great lighting and great overall ambiance.

We loved the Level 6 Entertainment Center! For resort guests they offer one free game of bowling each day of your stay. Which we totally took advantage of, those of you that know us know we love bowling! While shoe rental is not included, it is very affordable. Also after the first game of bowling per day (which is free), additional games can be purchased at a very affordable price.

What we did since we were going daily we got the boys their arcade cards on the first day we went. Then on our last day there we let the boys exchange all their tickets for prizes. They were more than excited to get their prizes!

Burn off those vacation dining calories!

Available at Captain’s Quarters resort is a fitness center with a variety of workout equipment, like treadmills, ellipticals, and weight training machines.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

Need to do laundry while on vacation? No problem!

You also don’t have to pack too much when it comes to clothing. Or worry about having to take home wet clothes from the pool or beach.
Captain’s Quarters Resort Myrtle Beach, SC Review

The resort offers a coin-operated laundry facility on-site with both washers and dryers for guest use. I really appreciated that there is also a detergent dispenser. Which is great because I didn’t have to worry about packing or buying laundry supplies. 

As you can see we had an amazing time at Captain’s Quarters Resort and can’t wait to be back! What do you look for in a resort?

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Be sure to check out the summer activities (click here) they had this past year to see what you can expect if you visit during the summer season.

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  1. Denise Low

    It looks so beautiful. I would love to visit there sometime. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time.

  2. Heather

    We stayed here September 14-19. We loved it. Took the kids and mother in law. We bowled everyday also. Kids want to go back already. My youngest who is 7 keeps asking when we are going back. We live near Pittsburgh PA

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      That sound just like my boys. 🙂 We can’t wait to go back too!


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