Throw Away That Nasty Sponge & Get DishFish

Throw Away That Nasty Sponge & Get DishFish

Throw Away That Nasty Sponge & Get DishFish

I wash tons of dishes! I always say “If only my bank account would grow as fast as dishes get dirty”. On most days I find myself washing dishes 4 or 5 times a day. Dishes and laundry seems like I can never get a break from them. 🙂 Anyhoo let’s talk about one of the most essential item when it comes to doing the dishes…the sponge. 

I use a new sponge every two weeks. It gets real dirty real quick and how clean can your dishes be if you are using a dirty sponge. Recently I was introduced to DishFish. Did you know that the kitchen sponge is the dirtiest item in your house? It gets soaked with germs, torn apart and foul smelling. The new, innovative cleaning tool, DishFish, makes the task of washing dishes not so terrible.

All DishFish sponges are made with exclusive PowerCell Technology that resist bacteria naturally and last 2X longer than the average dish sponge. The DishFish is flexible and conforms into tight spaces while quickly releasing food and grease particles. All models fit perfectly into your hand and even have gills to clean cutlery easily.

Throw Away That Nasty Sponge & Get DishFishDishFish Scrubber

The classic DishFish scrubber is created with non-scratch scrubbing power to clean tough messes in the cleanest way possible.

My Thoughts: This is an amazing scrubber. I use the grill pan a lot as well as my stainless steel pots. I have always had to use a steel wool sponge to get them as clean as I like them to be. But that is a thing of the past. Now all I need is the DishFish scrubber. It does the job perfectly and leaves my pots and pans flawless! 

Throw Away That Nasty Sponge & Get DishFish

DishFish Dual

This guy doubles as a scrubber and a sponge that uses scratch-free scrubbing and an ultra-absorbent sponge to get “wipe dry” results.

My Thoughts: This is my new favorite sponge! The shape makes gripping it easy and getting into the corners a breeze! It also leaves my dishes as clean as I like them to be with little effort. 

You can get the DisFish on Amazon.

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