Colgate Makes Brushing Fun @Colgate #ColgateSmile

Colgate Makes Brushing Fun

Colgate Makes Brushing Fun!

My boys don’t really give me a hard time when it comes to brushing. But if I can make brushing fun I’m all for it! That’s why I was excited when I learned about Colgate’s new Kids Interactive Toothbrush. My boys were excited to try these new brushes out because they had their favorite characters on them. When they turned these brushes on they really got hooked.

These brushes are really neat because it coaches kids through the proper technique for brushing. Plus it keeps them brushing for the full two minutes that dentists recommend.

I like that the head of the brush is just the right size for my boys mouths. The bristles are nice and soft yet firm enough to clean well, and it doesn’t irritate their gums. The handle of the brush is a great size too, perfect for their grip.

I no longer have to remind my boys to brush. They actually all me to brush! Thanks Colgate for making brushing fun!

The new toothbrush makes oral hygiene fun, teaching your child to be a better brusher with help from their favorite character’s voices. The toothbrush is available with either a Minions or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme and features:

Brush Coach– Characters coach your child through two minutes of brushing and congratulate them when finished

Quadrant Timer– Characters tell your child when to move to and brush each quadrant of their mouth (Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right)

2 Minute Timer– Characters inform your child when 2 minutes of brushing is up and congratulate them on a job well done. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for 2 minutes.

These brushes are now available in your favorite store including Target, and Walmart.

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