Blueberry Glasses A Gift Mom Will Actually Use

Blueberry Glasses A Gift Mom Will Actually Use

Blueberry Glasses A Gift Mom Will Actually Use

As a blogger I spend lots of hours on the computer. So I worry that I’m putting my eyes at risk by exposing them to dangerous and damaging blue light that is emitted from my computer screen.

Typically, blue light penetrates deep into the eye, not only creating symptoms such as eye strain and fatigue, but also long-term health implications such as retina damage that can cause vision problems like age related macular degeneration. It can also make me lose valuable sleep!

Last month I was contacted by Blueberry Glasses. It turns out that Blueberry Glasses are non prescription glasses that offer blue light protection. Even though I wear prescription glasses I find myself wearing contacts most of the time. So Blueberry Glasses sounded perfect for me.

I took a look at the Blueberry Glasses website and was surprised to see that these glasses come in four stylish shapes and 11 fun colors. I did mention that these are non prescription glasses. However they also come in readers ranging from +0.5 to +2.0 strength. I chose the Blueberry Glasses S Plum which you can see in this picture.

Blueberry Glasses A Gift Mom Will Actually Use

The glasses are very lightweight and when I have them on I can’t really feel them. I have noticed that ever since I started wearing them my eyes don’t sting or feel tired. Blueberry Glasses have been a godsend!

Blueberry Glasses A Gift Mom Will Actually Use

This is a great time to buy Blueberry Glasses since May is Healthy Vision Month. Blueberry Glasses also make a great gift for the moms on your list this Mother’s Day. This will definitely be a gift they’ll actually use. Honestly this is a great gift for any occasion. Buy it for kids, dads, moms, grads, anyone! 

Blueberry Glasses are scratch resistant, easy to clean, anti-glare, anti-reflective, dust proof, UV protected, with lightweight frames suitable for all ages. These glasses come in four stylish shapes and 11 fun colors, and are available without prescription (retailing for $59) and in readers ranging from +0.5 to +2.0 strength (retailing for $65), to help filter blue light and protect your eyesight. It’s vision is to make eye wear more fun, more innovative and more affordable for everyone.

Blueberry Glasses was founded in 2015 by Benoit Sourdon (CEO of Menrad France) and Menrad Germany. They are designed in France and made in China under German Technology. Blueberry Glasses are made with BLP (Blue light protection) Lense Technology that blocks 100% of UV rays and 40% of the blue light spectrum. The lenses are made of CR-39. They are clear lenses (Not amber or yellow-tinted). They have flexible spring hinges and a matte velvety feel and lightweight design.

Visit the Blueberry Glasses website to see all of their products.

Blueberry Glasses A Gift Mom Will Actually Use

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  1. Linda Szymoniak

    I absolutely love the colors these glasses come in. I’m not familiar with the company, but I’m definitely going to check them out.

  2. molli taylor

    wow. these glasses are actually cool/ i do need glasses, i think and i would ROCK these


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