Motion Sensor Bed Light Review

motion sensor bed light review

Motion Sensor Bed Light  Review

I have seen many home decor magazines that have gorgeous beds with a light beneath them. I have always wanted one and now I do. Let me tell you the light underneath the bed works for more than just decor. I had no idea how much I would love it! It’s so nice when I have to get up in the middle of the night and actually see where I’m going. Not to mention that it’s bright enough to see without having it be so bright that it wakes everyone. This motion sensor bed light is absolutely perfect! This kit has everything you need to install and it’s super easy!

motion sensor bed light

motion sensor bed light

As you can see in the pictures above, it’s a very complete kit. The light strip itself is nice and flat. It has the adhesive on the back so it’s easy to attach to any bed. I really like the control it comes with. I can choose when to turn the motion detection on/off, the brightness of the light, and which color I want to use. Yup you read that right, color. I love that I have a wide variety of colors to choose from. I can match it to my mood, my bedspread (not that anyone but me and the hubby see it at night), you get the idea.

motion sensor bed light review

Just look at all those colors! So far I’ve been able to try a different color every night! The wire that is on the motion sensor is very sensitive, so it doesn’t take much to turn it on at night. Yet I don’t have to worry about setting it off with my sheets or randomly moving during the night.

motion sensor bed light review

The sensor has a lengthy wire on it so placement is not an issue. Here is an image of suggestions for placement that the manufacturer recommend.

motion sensor bed light review

I placed mine right next to my bed on the wall. In the diagram it would be placement A. It has worked perfectly. The only issue I have had with this light is the actual strip. I have a king size bed of normal length and the strip isn’t long enough to go down the entire side of the bed. So if you do decide on purchasing this motion sensor bed light keep this in mind. placed mine toward the middle of the side so it doesn’t go all the way to the headboard or the foot-board. Honestly I would love it if it did go all the way down or even all around the bottom of the bed. For the look I wanted I would need to purchase three separate kits, which I don’t want to do because then I would also have three different sensors. But that is the only issue I have had with this product.

I am planning to get another kit for each of my boys beds. They have their beds up against the wall in their rooms, so only the one side lighting up is not an issue. Also the two older ones don’t use night lights anymore so they only need it when getting out of bed. So this motion sensor bed light is perfect.

You can get this Motion Sensor Bed Light by Forpow on Amazon.

Product Description:

Forpow Motion Activated Led Strip Bed Light is With the smart sensor which detects both light and movement,a warm light will illuminate your room as your foot touches the floor, to guide you through the room and not disturb others. Easy installation, no tools required.

Auto Shut-on/off You can set the on-time of the light at 30 seconds or 10 minutes. Light shuts off automatically if no motion is detected.

Responds to your needs Getting up at night becomes effortless with light designed to turn on and off when you need it.

Easy setup Installed in few minutes with a few easy steps Ready to attach with 3M adhesive tape.

Low energy LED consumes up to 7.5W to produce the same light as up to 25W incandescent bulb

Feeling safe at night As your foot touches the floor, the room is softly illuminated to guide you gently and safely through the room

Long lifetime LED last up 10 years based on average activation of 1 hour per day

Thoughtful lighting A warm soft glow of light, where you need it, when you need it, with no disturbing glare to wake others and no fumbling to find the light switch in the dark

Brightness Dimmable Brightness can be adjusted to ensure no glaring and easy getting up at night.

What is included:

2x Motion sensor (one white and one Pink)

2×1.4M LED Strip light(warm white)

1x Power supply

6xCable clips

2xLED Dimmer

1 x Splitter cable lead

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