SmitCo – 2016 Kids Holiday Gift Guide Idea

smitco gift idea for girls

SmitCo – Affordable gifts for girls ages 2 to 12.

I love having special girl time with my niece and I can’t wait for her sister to be old enough to join us. So when I had the chance to receive the Scented Nail Collection from SmitCo I was super excited! This kit really is HUGE, it has 167 pieces! Here is everything that it included.

smitco gift idea for girls

It has tons of nail stickers and 4 sets of full nail wraps. 

smitco gift idea for girls

5 scented peel off nail polish in: Hot Pink, Purple, Blue, Pink, and Orange. This part was definitely our favorite within the entire set!

smitco gift idea for girls

It also came with 1 full set of press on nails, which my niece loved! Two large round nail files, two wooden decorating sticks, and two toe separators. 

smitco gift idea for girls

An adorable ring was also included. The ring is adjustable so it can fit anyone. The only thing was that it was hot glued together and the blob of hard glue had points that were hard and it made the ring uncomfortable to wear. But since everything else was great the ring is really not an issue.

You can take a look at all the products that they offer for girls on Amazon.

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