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inchbug holiday gift guide

Orbit Reusable Labels from InchBug!


My boys always have a tendency to lose things. I can’t even tell you the amount of water bottles, lunch bags, etc. the boys have lost. More often than not it’s because someone else picked up their thing by mistake. I am confident that this won’t be an issue anymore. Thanks to the InchBug Orbit Labels.

I can now label Matias’ water bottle with it and no one will get confused that is theirs.

InchBug Orbit Labels
I really like how easy to use these labels are! They are also easy to take off and put on. I love that they stretch to accommodate many different products. But what I like most of all is all of the features that Orbit Labels have. These aren’t your ordinary sticky labels!

Orbit Labels are:

Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe
Can be boiled and sterilized
Constructed with FDA approved non toxic materials
Fits snug around containers- Tiny hands can’t pry them off.
And most importantly they will never peel, or fade away.

Plus I love the look they give whatever it is I’m putting it on. 

Orbit Labels aren’t the only thing that InchBug carries. Nope, they have tons of great products. Like the MyDrinky™!

InchBug MyDrinky

This little contraption is made to stop all those accidental juice box squeezes.  Things I like about it is that it keeps Matias’ juice box secure in the holder so it can’t be squeezed. And the juice box won’t fall out if it is turned upside down! The best part is that is that it’s adjustable, this means that it fits juice boxes, juice pouches, and milk boxes which are available in a variety of sizes. 

Features Include:

Two-piece design locks in drink!
BPA and Pthlalate-free.
Made in the USA.
Fits most juice boxes and pouches, including small 4 oz.
boxes and tall 8 oz.
Assigned Design & Utility Patent by US Patent &Trademark Office. 

Inchbug also carries Adhesive Rectangle Labels.

InchBug adhesive rectangle labels

These adhesive labels are great! Diego loves that his name is on them and he uses them on his notebooks, laptop, tablet and everything he can. 

Rectangle Labels are ideal for identifying items you wish to keep! They are great for all ages.

Uses For Children:

Baby bottles and sippy cups (day care, pre-school and play groups)
Ideal for all types of drink containers and food containers
Sports equipment such as bats, helmets, etc.
Camp stuff items and various electronics

Uses For Older Kids And Teens:

Electronics (lap top, mp3 players, etc.)
Eco-friendly bottles and food containers

Features Include:

Label Dimensions: 3″ x 3/4″
Package contains: 20 labels
Dishwasher and microwave-safe; can be boiled and sterilized
InchBug – does not recommend writing on any of the custom labels

InchBug logo

Visit the InchBug website to see all the amazing products they offer. Connect with InchBug socially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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