Say “No” to Germs with Softy

softy wipes

Say “No” to Germs with Softy. Skin & Surface Sanitizer all in one wipe!


I am used to carrying sanitizer for the boys and sanitizing wipes for any surfaces we encounter. Thanks to Softy I can still say “No” to germs while only carrying one product. Softy is a dual-purpose sanitizing wipe that kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces and skin. And yes, one wipe CAN tackle it all!

I received a package from Softy that included their wonderful sanitizing wipes in 3 different forms. I got a package of their individually packed wipes, one package of their travel pack and one tub of 150 wipes!

softy wipes

These Softy wipes are soft and have a light crisp scent to them. My son who has eczema has not had a reaction to them so that is a plus for us! I like the different sizes they come in because it makes them super convenient they are. I keep the travel pack in the glove compartment. The tub on my desk and the individually packed ones in my bag. This way no matter where I am I always have them on hand!

Because of the amount of wipes you get, the price makes them a great deal! The individually packed wipes come in a pack of 100 wipes. The travel packs have 30 wipes in them and can be purchased in a 3 pack. The tub like I mentioned before has a whopping 150 wipes!

You can buy these great all purpose sanitizing wipes on the Softy website and on Amazon.

Product Description

The world is a big, gross place. Thankfully, we created a sanitizing wipe with the stopping power of an elephant gun to keep the nastiness at bay. Germaphobes, rejoice, for we are your new protectors. Give us your children’s grubby fingers, your subway handrails, even your disgusting hotel TV remotes. Softy wipes will accept any challenge, anywhere; killing 99.9% of every germ in their path. We like those odds. We think you will, too. Let’s keep it clean.


– Alcohol free antimicrobial solution that kills 99.9% of germs within 15 seconds.
– Unlike gels, our wipes help not only to sanitize but remove dirt as well. Cleaning made easy when soap and water is not available.
– Aloe and Vitamin E infused to keep your hands moisturized, not sticky or soapy.
– Our patented frustration-free dispenser makes wipe removal super easy.
– One of the largest, thickest, and softest premium sanitizing wipe on the market.
– Use on hands, body, or surfaces. A truly versatile sanitizer wipe.
– Unconditional “stay moist” guarantee. Your wipes will stay moist down to the last wipe or your money back.
– Softy Wipes are manufactured in the USA at an EPA registered and FDA approved facility.

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Check out the Softy website for more information. Or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Lynne B

    This is a great dual-purpose product for anyone. I think the fact that you can use it on both surfaces and skin is so smart and makes the product so convenient. I’d keep one in the car.


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