Multi USB Cable Review #JASTEK_USBCable

Jastek Multi USB Cable

JASTEK Multi USB Cable Review


I love finding new gadgets to make using my devices easier. So when I saw this neat looking multi USB cable from Jastek I knew I had to test it out. When it arrived I thought it was a very cool concept. And it has a couple good points, let me tell you about them.

For starters it has a clip at the top. This is great since it makes it easy to take anywhere because I can just clip it to my bag. I immediately plugged it in. It was nice to see that it has the capability to charge multiple items at once.

We have a house with multiple devices that have different ports so this works great for us. With so many different things you can charge, your life should be a little bit easier. In our house it means the boys no longer argue and fight over a power supply. You can plug the USB piece into a charging block or laptop. Or take it on the go and charge from your car.

Another great thing is that they feel very well made. So they look and feel like it will last a while. I think it’s a really good product for the price.

JASTEK Multi USB Cable Review

However it also has a few cons. The main issue I found with this gadget is that the length on the cords leaves a lot to be desired. They are way to short for my liking. Even an extra 1-2 inches would make a big difference.

Another thing is that if you are charging only one device it works fairly quick. But it is significantly slower when charging multiple devices. This wasn’t a huge issue for us, so I’m just mentioning it so you can plan accordingly.

Another downside is that the connection has wide head so for phones that have a big or deep case this will not fit in tightly. 

I received the colorful version however it is available in all black and in all white.

If you are interested in this product you can find it on Amazon.

Product Description

  • The Multi USB Charger cables only for charging, not for data sync.
  • This Multi USB Charging Cable with USB Type-C cable,total cable length: 15 cm.
  • Multi Charge Cable Color:Colorful; Multi USE Cable with a Clip Buckle Design,easy for your hold.
  • 6 Multi Cables including: 1 x USB A Cable + 2 x Micro USB Cables +1 x Mini Cable +1 x USB C Cable +1 x 8 pin cable(not MFI certificated)
  • It has a Multi Cable WARRANTY:One Year Replacement Warranty. All the phones and tablets in the listing photo not included.

Universal use multi charging 6 in 1 cables;

Compatible with all the following:
1. For apple 5/6 series;
2. Mini USB supported Devices as digital cameras/camcorders, hard drives,etc.
3. Micro USB supported Devices as most smartphones,etc.
4. New USB Type C 3.1 port supported devices.

What is Type-C?

USB Type-C (24 pins) — the tiny, super fast connector;
USB Type-C supports USB 3.1 for dramatic speed benefits and power transfer, in a shape that is only marginally larger than micro USB and, perhaps best of all, is reversible.

The USB Type-C standard will become more prevalent across smartphones, tablets and laptops over the next few years, so regardless of whether you take the plunge on one of those new laptops, you will probably have a USB Type-C device soon. More Type-C supported device will follow.

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