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HALO SLeepSack

Use the HALO SleepSack and help your baby sleep safe.

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SIDS / SUIDS is something that shouldn’t happen, yet it does. Every year 3,500 babies die each year from SIDS and SUIDS. It’s very important that as a parent to an infant that we take every precaution to try to prevent it. One great thing is to use is the HALO SleepSack.

I love using the HALO SleepSack for many reasons. I like that it comes in different materials and styles. The regular SleepSack is a wearable blanket. It replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. In addition to sleeping safer, it helps babies sleep better, too. It’s a warm cuddly blanket they can’t kick off; ensuring baby sleeps soundly throughout the night. The HALO SleepSack comes in 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton Muslin, 100% Organic Cotton, Micro-Fleece and Plushy Dot Velboa.

HALO SLeepSack

The SleepSack Swaddle immobilizes your baby’s arms to prevent the “Moro” or startle reflex.  Swaddle arms in, hands-to-face, one or both arms out to ensure baby’s best sleep and an easy and gentle transition to the SleepSack® wearable blanket when it is time to stop swaddling. also comes in 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton Muslin, 100% Organic Cotton, Micro-Fleece and Plushy Dot Velboa.

The SwaddleSure® is an adjustable Swaddling Pouch. It is a safe, easy and secure way to keep your baby sleeping longer and more peacefully. Its innovative design with adjustable fasteners make it easy to swaddle correctly for a perfect fit every time. The comes in SwaddleSure® comes in 100% Cotton.

The SleepSack early walker replaces loose blankets in the crib. With its unique foot openings, the SleepSack Early Walker wearable blanket allows for greater mobility while babies are awake, but also keeps little feet covered and warm while sleeping. The SleepSack early walker comes in Micro-Fleece and Lightweight Knit.

We have the Micro-Fleece HALO SleepSack and it is so soft and warm. I definitely recommend using this great product! Aside from the SleepSack’s HALO has many other great products!

Visit the HALO Sleep website to check out all their products. Stay connected with HALO on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Also available for purchase from Amazon.

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  1. Celticlady

    These are so cute and that they are safe is even better.


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