Dessert Makes For A Good Breakfast

dessert makes for a good breakfast

On occasions we like having dessert for breakfast. The boys absolutely love it when we do. However I never would have thought that having dessert for breakfast could help with weight loss. Unbelievable right! Well this article that I read says why this is so. I was lucky enough to have been asked to share this article with you. Read it, and share your thoughts with me below in the comments section. 

Dessert Makes For A Good Breakfast

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Believe it or not, but having dessert for breakfast can actually help you lose weight. Researchers at the Tel Aviv University’s Wolfson Medical Centre have claimed that eating desserts for breakfast can help non-diabetic obese people lower their weight.

The study was conducted on close to 200 obese adults who did not suffer from diabetes. Some ate a big, 600-calorie breakfast followed by a slice of cake or cookie, while others were made to eat a 300-calorie protein-rich breakfast of egg whites, tuna, cheese and milk.

Four months later, both groups were found to have lost about 30 pounds per person. But, in the subsequent four months (the study’s maintenance period), it was found that the high-protein group had regained around 22 pounds, while the sweet-happy group continued to shed weight. Researchers attributed this to the reduced cravings, which made the subjects less hungry throughout the day.

ELEMENT is the ultimate guiltless rice cake dessert snack that can be a quick on-the-go bite perfect for any schedule. Available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry yogurt, vanilla orange, and mint ELEMENT achieves the ultimate balance between health and delectable taste.

ELEMENT rice cakes

Here are some reasons why ELEMENT rice cakes are the perfect snack.

Fiber: Rice cakes that are made of brown rice are especially good for you, because they are high in fiber. If you eat just 1½ cups of brown rice, you satisfy the daily whole grain requirements of your body.

Energy: Rice is also a carbohydrate, so it provides you with the energy that you need to last for the whole day. Unlike refined grains that are digested faster, these provide longer lasting energy. Snacking on rice cakes made of brown rice will keep you on the go for most of the day.

Low in Calorie: Rice cakes are great for people who are on a diet. These snacks are very low in calories. They also don’t contain any fat and sodium, which are detrimental to a person who wants to shed some extra pounds. Snacking on this food item will also make you feel full much longer, so you can avoid eating food more often than you need to.

Mood: Aside from physical health, rice cakes can also have benefits for your emotional well being, as they are known to regulate the mood. Eating rice produces the neurotransmitter called serotonin, which can improve your mood.

ELEMENT rice cakes

Health-conscious individuals can now embrace the dark chocolate flavor as it does not contain any animal products or byproducts and are never tested on animals.

ELEMENT lies on the foundation of deriving its ingredients from the basics of nature and looking toward the future with an organic, fresh mission statement. Made with pure Italian chocolate and yogurt and organic rice and corn, ELEMENT cakes are made under strict EU regulations, ensuring the product is all natural and providing an amazing sensory experience with every bite.

ELEMENT Snacks are GMO-free, gluten free, yeast-free, cholesterol free and BPA free, use no preservatives, yeast, artificial flavors, corn syrup, trans-fats or milk hormones and are made without preservatives, artificial flavors.  They have no trans-fats, cholesterol or BPA. The dark chocolate is also certified vegan and Non-GMO Project verified. 

ELEMENT snacks are available nationally at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Albertsons, Basha’s, EarthFare, Tops, Balducci, and many more, as well as online, at airports and in schools. The rice cakes come in a variety of flavors including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sweet vanilla orange, and strawberries and cream. Element snacks are available for purchase by the box containing 32, 36 or 72 cakes, ranging in price from $27-$54 USD.

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  1. Blessed Assurance

    I actually thought it was something like cake or pie but rice cakes sound like something that is good your cravings are something that you should control but this makes eating enjoyable.


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