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When preparing for summer and summer vacations, flip flops are a MUST for us. I was in the market for some for Matias. He is a little hard to shop for because he likes his things a certain way. For example his flip flops can’t be solid they need to have something related to sports or to fish. And they absolutely must light up. Like I said…hard to shop for. 

That’s why Flik Flops were the perfect answer! With 12 designs and the ability to light up, I knew I had to give them a try. 

Flik Flops

We found the absolute perfect designs for him. The first design is blue and has octopus on them. These are perfect to explore under the sea adventurers! The second design we got for him are black and have all different sports balls on them. This design is perfect for those basketball, baseball and soccer fans like my little guy. 

Flik Flops

The best part is that they both light up! It’s very hard to catch the lights in action in a picture, but you can check out my video here. 

He loves jumping, walking and running just to see how they light up. According to him they are comfortable. I like that the straps don’t pinch his feet and they don’t leave marks either. We like these so much that we are going to buy some for the other boys. 

Flik Flops

FLIK FLOPS are an innovative and patent pending design in light up flip flops for kids that are fun and functional. The LED lights on the outsole of the flip flops flicker with each step creating a vibrant lighted path while kids walk.

The idea originated from the inquisitive mind of a seven year old as she stood at a flashing crosswalk while on a family vacation in Laguna Beach. Click Here to read more of the story. FLIK FLOPS is proof that children sometimes have the best ideas. 

Check out their 12 unique styles here! They offer discounts for their social media followers so be sure to connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

Here is a special treat for you:

Flik Flops would like to offer you a discount 20% off with code: SOCIAL. Click here to use the code.

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