The Ultimate Tea Storage Device: #TheTeaBook

The Ultimate Tea Storage Device The TeaBook

The Ultimate Tea Storage Device: The TeaBook


Like Tea? You’ll love the TeaBook! I absolutely loved this book for storing my tea bags. It is great because it makes it easy for me to see and pick which tea I am in the mood for. It’s also great for when friends and family come over for them to look at my tea selection and choose one. I love the colors available and how well crafted this tea book is. It has these little sleeves where the teabags fit in perfectly. It also fits so many of them, 144 to be exact. 

TeaBook Review

As you can see in the picture above I received it in the color teal, but it’s available in other colors like: brown, teal, red, lime and tan. All of them well crafted and with superb stitching. 

The TeaBook Logo

You can get the TeaBook on their website and connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Product Description

A Brand New, Innovative Way to Store, Share and Serve Tea: The Perfect Tea Lovers Gift.
Look out tea tins!  Move over tea chests! The TeaBook has revolutionized tea storage, sharing and service forever! On the outside, The TeaBook is a chic, stylish and lightweight book designed to share shelf space with your favorite cookbooks (or any other books, for that matter). But open it up and you’ll be delighted to find its pages hold up to 144 different teas – each tea in perfect view! Imagine, you and your guests no longer have to settle on whatever tea happens to be on top of tea tin. No more digging through the tea box, tea drawer or cabinet. With The TeaBook, you and your guests can simply flip through the pages of The TeaBook and indulge in your favorite tea – every time! The TeaBook is every tea lover’s cup of tea!

The TeaBook Specs:

  • Patent-pending design
    Non-Toxic, BPA Free
    Holds up to 144 tea bags/tea packets
    Incredibly lightweight, less than 2 lbs – even when filled to capacity!
    Made of partially recycled and recyclable materials, No animal products used. (Go Green!!)
    Available in 5 Colors

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  1. Terry Poage

    What a great idea.


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